I’ve been at my Mom & Dad’s in Woodland Hills since Tuesday night.  Wednesday was an off run day, and Thursday was an AMAZING Turkey Trot in Van Nuys, with some of the coolest people from Twitter:  Jennifer, Glenn, Bob, Jen, Carol  You can read Glenn’s Report here:

I did indeed get my PR for a 5k, at 29:47, a 9:36 pace.  I was really struggling at the end, and Bob & Glenn came and ran me in…so partially the PR goes to them!  I realize how much Twitter has become a part of my life.  Ask my family.  SOMETIMES, I looked away from Twitter during this stay.

On Thursday, we had a killer turkey dinner with all the trimmings at my sister and BIL’s house.  We played Trivial Pursuit until we were passed out on the floor, and laughed and laughed at the stupid questions!!

Friday morning comes, and I need to do 4 miles.  I make a big square around my mother’s hood, and I am running along Topanga Canyon Blvd., with all the Black Friday shoppers driving by.  Not a bad run, but nothing to write home about.

Today, on tap was a 1 mile run, 4×30 second hill repeats, and a 2 mile cool down. 

I go to the Hill at Woodland Hills Park, and pick a good spot.  Then, the memories come.  This was the hill that on the day of the 1971 earthquake, my best friend and I met two boys and made out all afternoon.  I ran up and down it, doing crunches in between, and I keep remembering that day.  I run by Collins Street Elementary School, where on a day in 6th grade, I beat all the boys in a 100 yard dash.  I could hear the screams of the boys as I ran by: “You cheated!” and “I’ll see you after school!”  I was challenged on that day to re-race.  I don’t recall if the race ever happened. 

At the end of the run, I go by Hughes Jr. High, (where Karate Kid was filmed), and my Jr. High School.  I see my Dad and I in the 70’s running at 6am.  I hear him coaching me around the perimeter of the school.  

I run down Collins Street, I hear my Dad say, “SPRINT!”. 

And I do.  I do.  The ghosts of my childhood are with me all the way.  And it’s a good thing.

Tomorrow:  4 miles, and back to NorCal I go…

7 thoughts on “Jogging My Memory

  1. It was fun meeting, Linda, great time at breakfast after the race. We’ll definitely get together again down here or up there.

  2. it sounds like you’ve had an amazing vacation!!! I’m bummed I didn’t get to meet you while you were down here! I would have loved to have seen you get your 5K PR!! Congrats by the way! but we will get the chance to meet-sooner rather than later, I hope!!

    Safe trip back!

  3. yay for a new PR! also, I once did a run in my old neighborhood, it was so special and awesome! thanks for reminding me of that run.

  4. Always remember – you were the one who got yourself to the place where a PR was possible! You earned your time. I just kind of helped at the end.

    Gosh – I wish I had those kind of rememberances about 1971! All I remember was my 9th grade English teacher taught my first period class that day while standing in the classroom doorway.

    Keep your chin in front of you and listen to Josh. Time to trust becuase it’s about to get hard again.

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