Date: 12/6/2009 9:00 AM
Type: Easy
Distance: 7.12 miles
Duration: 1:14:00
Pace: 10:24 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9 (B)
Weight: 🙂
Field Placement: 34 / 190 (17.9%)
Weather: 29° F, Overcast
Notes: Leg 3 of CIM. Headwinds bite.34 WE RUN THIS TOWN 8969
Chip Time 04:00:06
Sydney 00:52:21
Jami 01:51:07
Linda 03:07:25
Kim 4:00:06

Average Pace: 9:10

Statistics: Calories: 958
VO2 Max: 29.9


Here are the details of our race.  We did the California International Marathon Relay Challenge yesterday.  Jami, Kim and I and another person were signed up as, what else:  WE RUN THIS TOWN.  At the last minute, like Wednesday, I get a call that the 4th isn’t really in the mood to run.  Jami calls Sydney, who says she will run only if she gets a short distance…my leg.

Since 8 miles was called for on my training, I sucked it up, and took the 7 mile, 3rd leg of the relay.  It’s always fun not knowing what to expect, and yesterday was no different.  I had never done a relay, but assumed it was just running 7 miles, and being done with it.  It’s not.  The energy is much different.

We are up at 3:40, grab Kim from her house, and all meet at Jami’s.  Sydney is in the car.  She’s never done an out of town race, and is a little concerned.  We all get our bibs, and practice adhering and ripping off the timing chip.   We go over how to exchange, and talk about our legs.

Driving to Sacramento is uneventful, we park, and head over to the Sheraton.  It’s 5:15.  People are lining up for the marathon and first leg.  Literally, we shove Sydney on the bus.  She is screaming.  We have no clue, but we think she’s in the right place.  As the morning goes on, Jami grabs her shuttle, then me…leaving Kim to bring us up behind. 

I arrive at the 3rd leg exchange area.  Our bus is literally 2 hours early.  I had already eaten my breakfast, so some of us are waiting around trying to decide at what point we will go out into 29 degree weather…at least that’s what it was at the start.  By the time 8am rolled around, I went outside, because I really wanted to see Josh Cox run.  It was very exciting to see the elites.

What always amazes me at these races:  You get into conversations, find out where people are from, hear their stories…then never see each other again the rest of the day.  Ships in the night.  Where is the boy with the bad back?  The mother waiting for her son? The teen racers who want to place first for their High School?

I am waiting…waiting…waiting…I’m looking for my coach, and every.single.person is wearing black.  I don’t see him, or the girl he is pacing.  I’m freezing.  I’m layering, and re-layering.  Someone gives me that hand warmer for my hands.  I huddle with spectators and their blankets.  I am really enjoying this.  Really.  And, then I realize, that I have to run.  But, I have to go to the bathroom.  But, I have to run.

I wait.  And watch.

Here comes Jami, and she looks so….great…andd she is hustling in, and I have to get my bag to her, and get the chip, and people are screaming, and I am in a panic.  Finally after much fumbling, I get the chip and give her my jackets.

I take off in an adrenaline rush for the first half mile.  No music.  Just. Run.

It takes me two miles to stop feeling like my legs are sticks of ice.  I am breathing okay, but I am having a tough time getting going.  Plus, the difference in running on your own, and in a relay, is that you are responsible to other people, and you don’t want to be the one who drops the ball.

The 3:00 marathoners pass, the 3:15, and then I’m running.  Lots of wind, and I get a headwind around mile 17 or 18, I can’t remember.  I just keep looking for the flags.  No hills, very flat.  I don’t stop, as I’m instructed.  I start to panic, because I’m a stopper.  I stop and walk.  I follow direction.

I get through the Mile 20 exchange.  Very fun to see my running partner Kim, yelling.  Asking me how I did.  People are handing out beer (which, is my small gripe…I’m a sober alcoholic, and you REALLY need to tell me it’s beer)…and I am finally stopping.  I get my medal, get the bus from hell (driver started to drive us back to Fresno, to everyone’s groans). 

I walk around Capitol Park.  I’m looking for my team, my coach.  Am finding neither.  Finally, I turn a corner and see Kim.  We scream.  We walk, and we go round and round…watching people continue to run…wondering who is here that I know.

We walk to the car and then hear Jami & Syd’s screams from the Sheraton lobby.  We meet up, and are so excited with our time, our race.  A great day, capped off with pancakes and omelets….And, Syd?  The girl who never raced before? 

She’d like to know when the next one is, please.  Big smiles all around, as another bites the dust with the running bug. 

Thank you CIM for a GREAT relay!!  We had a blast, and…WE RUN THIS TOWN is coming back…

8 thoughts on “CIM Relay Race Report: Lots of Screaming!

  1. AWESOME job!!! the relay sounds like so much fun 🙂 my husband did it too, they had a blast. congrats!!

  2. Sounds like you had a total blast!

    How’s the throat after all that screaming!

  3. You are a race running fool, these days. Congrats on another good performance. And way to spread the infection. Cheers!

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