At the end of the hallway, there’s a crack of light.  Run like hell.  Stick your boot in it.


I’m sitting in my therapist’s office yesterday.  She say, so Linda, how do you envision a relationship now?  My answer. Something like this.  I see me married to an older man.  We are comfy, in a comfy house, in sweaters, watching TV.  Loving each other.



She starts to laugh.  Linda, you’re serious?  Now…be someone who would DESCRIBE your next relationship.  And, it looks so different.  Fun, energetic, stimulating in every way.

This long dark hallway started around 2005.  I found the light…it has nothing to do with the man…and everything to do with me.

Nope.  No running talk, just talk.

Happy Friday, and Happy Hannukah!!

4 thoughts on “Long, Dark Hallway. Light.

  1. Touching post Linda. I think that elusive double rocker setup is something we all aspire to. Don’t give up. Don’t just settle….

    BTW – I think you’re back to the header photo you had when I first started following you….

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