My year of miles…plus some favorites…let’s go back…

January: 40.3 miles & No racing!

On New Years Eve, Kim & I got together and planned our 2009 races.  SO fun! These are the books that I promised I would finish before I bought another book.  Only one there that I did:  What I talk about when I talk about running!

February: 33 miles & The Davis Stampede 5K 32:29, 10:29 pace


I turned 50 on February 6th.  We had a bowling party complete with iPhone cupcakes.  My running partner Kim, and GF from Nebraska and I ran the Davis Stampede.  I thought I’d bringing home some hardware because I was in a new age group.  BUT!! Those 50 year olds have been running a LONG time!!!

March: 78.31 Miles & Nutrition Fuels Fitness 10K 1:09:09, 11:10 pace


Ran a hideous 10K through neighborhoods in the Sacramento area …but my crowning glory was this group of five WEbelos, who had been with me for two years…bridge over to Boy Scouts.  This is by far my favorite picture.  Ever.  Then, I earned some Mom points for Team Mom of my boy’s baseball team.  So yeah, I do some other things beside run.  Who knew they would let me be a Den Leader?  (I’m currently in year 3 of 4!)

April: 59.61 mile & The Half Marathon of Death (my first half) 2:44:32, 12:34 pace!

During April, I turned 30 years sober, and I sunk my teeth and heart into Twitter.   The half marathon was hideous.  Hot weekend, along a concrete border of the river.  I was not prepared.  We had done Hal Higdon’s plan, but did not do *everything*.  No one to blame but myself!!

May: 90.82 miles & 5k Modesto Kaiser Permanente  Got a PR on that race! 30:47, 9:56 pace

My son got his Red Belt (he is now Red-Black, brother is black) in Tae Kwon Do.  That’s me with CharlieBob, my first coach from the local TNT.  See those wheels?   The dude is faster than anyone.  He is old school though.  No messing around.  No questioning.  I adored him.  That was from our first run as a team. 

June: 86.4 miles & The Hilmar Udder Run 5M Got my first 5 Mile PR 53:35, 10:43 pace

In June, I got my hair cut short for probably the last time, because it’s really cute, until it’s not, and when it’s not, I look like a man. There’s our schwag from the Udder Run.  I won a block of cheese, and got a first place.  Out of one.  So, hey…it’s my first place and all.

July: 89.3 miles & Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon 2:48:21, 12: 52 pace

I took my boys to Six Flags and we had a blast!  However, it was the day after the Napa to Sonoma, which was a hard run for me, but better than the last one.  I had some disturbing news, cried a lot, met someone new (it ended before it began).  BUT, I knew, I just KNEW the Dodgers were going to the World Series. 

August: 65.6 miles & Modesto Midnight Half Marathon 3:02:00, 13:54 pace

This was the year I was to host our Friendnotes (our other private blog). Susan came from Florida, Lisa from Nebraska, Mona from New Hampshire.  We were missing Kate from Kentucky and Susie from North Carolina.  This is our sixth (?) year traveling to someone’s home.  A great time for all.  That’s a picture of my youngest, who ran the 2 mile run when I did the Half Marathon.  Horrid, and by this time questioning my sanity for running my 3rd half marathon.  At the end of the month, I got the most devastating news of my marriage.  Walked through that one, but didn’t know if I would run again.

September 93.9 miles & Cancer Awareness 10K 1:07:52, 10:57 pace


Our annual trip to June Lake.  We took the long way.  I have no other pictures from this month.  Was rough, and I was depressed.  However, I did lace up my shoes for the last month of marathon training.  At the 10K, I left it on the road, crying, shouting.  People must have thought I was crazy.  And, I sorta was.

October 61.5 miles & Cheese & Wine 10K (1:08:35, 11:04 pace)~Nike Women’s Marathon (5:58:16, 13:41 pace)


So much to write about in October.  Got my first black toenail.  First Marathon with CharlieBob…and my kids at 5am.  When I finished that race, all the other bad races of the year went away.  My sister and boys were there with posters, and the best part of the day was seeing my Mother on the sand dune, cheering me in!! Yes, I had a bad time, but I finished under 6 hours.  I finished strong.  I fell in LOVE with the Marathon.  And, I got stronger.  I went to the Fresno Fair and had my picture taken with Obama (not really).  This was the month I became a marathoner, and an athlete.  Inside.  It’s also the time, once again…I grieved another lost Dodgers season.

November: 82.3 miles & Fresno Eye-Q Half Marathon 2:33:56, 11:41 pace, and a new PR Lake Balboa Turkey Trot 29:47, 9:36 pace new PR

Ran the best Half Marathon of my life.  Four this year.  SO fun.  2:33, makes me think I can run a faster marathon.  Got a coach for the LA Marathon.  Gave up Diet Coke.  Haven’t had one since November 19th.  It was a good month for running.  Also met some of the best people.  Ever.  Twitter folk had a tweetup at the 5K, and it was a blast.  I am very blessed to have such a variety of running folk in my life.

December: 116.9 Miles & California International Marathon Relay *We Run This Town*

Leg 3:  7.12 miles, 1:14, 10:24 pace

I’ve run more miles than ever this month.  Jami, Kim, Sydney & I did the relay, and seriously…that was like money in the bank for me.  SO much fun, and introducing someone new to racing.  We had the BEST day.  Got to see my coach run by, yell my name.  That’s the only evidence that I have that he exists.  Well, that and the support I get from him daily via Twitter, email or text.  I feel like I hit the jackpot with this one.  The pictures are of our Charlie Brown tree, and of my 15 *carat* necklace that the boys made.  Bought the carrots with their own money, strung them and wrapped it.  (There was another necklace in the package, but this is the BEST gift I ever received.)

Tomorrow, I’ll run 2 miles to hit 900 for the year.  I couldn’t have done it without a stellar running partner, and even better running community.  I leave you with a picture of every bib from 2009 (on right).  Great year!!


7 thoughts on “Miles & Smiles: 2009 Version

  1. Wow, what a year!! You are an amazing runner and a super endurance athlete. Proud to know you, Ms. V!

  2. I wonder what next year has in store for you, Miss fabulous runner?!! So glad Dad and I were able to be a part of all you wrote about. What a great Christmas we had with all the family together. Dad and i love watching you all find your way in life. Lukas and Will are wonderful boys and your 15 carrot necklace as your gift was the BEST! So proud of you dearest. now, can hardly wait for your LA marathon. All of us will be cheering you on, and USC,S Pete Carroll WILL be an inspiration! By the way, Dad’s University of Idaho vandals won the Humanitarian Bowl game tonight,43to 42 against Bowling green, with 4 seconds to go. Dad and Bill were singing the Idaho Alma mater song even at age 76! so terrific!. We miss you and the boys sooooo much. Love your yearly memorie writeup. 2010 will be so full of more and better momories. We will be there for all! Love you dear, Mom

  3. Awesome accounting, Linda! You kick some serious butt and I am just glad that I have been able to help you on this journey. 2010 better watch out, gonna show it who runs this town!!

  4. Great wrap up to the year Linda! It looks like you’ve turned the ship and erverything is pointed in the right direction. I’ll be watching over my shoulder!

  5. Awesome wrap up Linda! 900 miles – WOW. That is my goal for 2010! I’m right behind ya sista, you better look out! 🙂

    Looking forward to a fun and rewarding year. Here’s to new friends, and many running adventures! Virtual, and maybe otherwise!


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