I was looking for a blog topic.  Hadn’t a thought in my head for days.  I have been running, but just simply pounding out the miles.  One after the other…and that gets, well…mundane after awhile.

Then, I got some scary news.

I had my annual checkup with my OB-GYN a few weeks ago, and she recommended all the usual tests, including the dreaded colonoscopy.  I balked, I begged.  Then she looked at me and said,

Everyone complains about this test.  But, in a few years someone you know will call you and say they have colon cancer, and you will call in an urgent need to get the screening.  It’s up to you: Colon Cancer, or a colonoscopy.

I was a little embarrassed. I think of myself as fairly bright, yet I wasn’t willing to have the inconvenience of that test right in the middle of training for the LA Marathon.

So, today I get these results, which could be as minute as hemorroids, or a large as cancer.  That had me nervous.   The doctor called yesterday, and left this message, “Please call us.”  Today, they said, “you need to call your regular physician.”  Which I did, who then referred me to the OB-GYN to fax the results to a specialist.  All of this took several hours, phone trees, voicemails.  The upshot?  I have an appointment on the 13th.  With a specialist.

In the meantime, I’ve gone to the wall…In my mind’s eye, I’ve lost my hair, I’m dying…and then I’m brought right back to earth, because I have no answers, and I have no diagnosis…

The only thing I could think about was to urge, no BEG you, my dear readers to get your annual physicals with your doctors completed.  And, tell the truth.  As a 50 year old, you will screen for

  • colon/rectal cancer
  • sexually transmitted diseases (yes, still at 50)…and TELL THE TRUTH
  • breast cancer (and you can learn how to do a breast self exam)
  • cervical cancer

More than anything, keep your eyes.  Wide Open.

4 thoughts on “Screening For Your Life

  1. Sage words!

    I was actually reading in the news the other days that with us older folks living longer and with the advent of the big “V” (no – not you – the blue pill), there is actually a mini epidemic of STDs in the elderly. I never would have thought!

  2. My mom is 54 and she FINALLY got around to getting a mammogram. Thank god.

    I’m sending good thoughts your way. Take care.

  3. Linda,

    I am sort of in shock about your news. I hope and pray that it is as small as a roid as you mentioned. It seems so cruel to have to wait to hear the results. 2 more days. I know we can get through anything together w/ God.

    Love you,


  4. yuck. My prayers are with you. So glad you had your test, whatever it is (if anything) will most likely be small.
    love you-Trish

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