Today’s topic:  Blogging.

We have categories today.  I have wanted to showcase some new and old blogs for awhile.  My task has been to carve out blog time, and couple it with Twitter time, and then of course, *acutal human time*.  Thusly, I have come up with abbreviations for the following…. BT, TT, AHT (for above mentioned categories). 

BT:  This is a blog I love to read, and want to share with you.  Not all are runners (shock)

TT:  Bloggers who Twitter.  (Yes, there are still some people who don’t Twitter…but why not?)

AHT: Bloggers who I have actually met in person, or on the phone.  Breathing people.


Tried and true bloggers…from the time I first laced up, I have followed these 3: Only BT

  • Booze Hounds Inc. If you haven’t read Viper, he is a must, and one of my first.  FAST runner*swoon*
  • Diggin’ It.  Chick Runner in Europe.  Hilarity.  Archaeology PhD student.
  • Running Spike.  One of the kindest & fastest dudes I’ve read…for awhile now.

Favorite Non-Running Blog Category (mostly BT, except where noted)

Favorite twitterati, who blog only rarely…but great people. (TT)

  • Me and the Road aka @drpoling Good friend and educator.  (AHT)
  • Love 2 Run Canada aka @love2runcanada most inspirational for beating down cancer, and running Boston 9x
  • Run Bob Run aka @bfrein …Great guy who has just resurrected his blog (AHT)  Fast as hell.

They have it all.   These are bloggers who twitter, who run, and who I’ve met & adore.  (BT, TT, AHT) They are exactly like their blogs…They are authentic and true and come across in person, the same way they are in print.

  • Quadrathon aka @quadrathon Stuart was one of my first blogs.  Nice man, good prizes.  Killer ultra-man.
  • LA Runner aka @larunr Billy is currently on the grid to show us the whole LA Marathon course.  Funny dude.
  • The Running Fat Guy aka @gwjones00 I talk with Glenn daily.  Running, embracing aging, great friend.

New gals I find most excellent:  Runners, Tweeters…good stuff.

Fifteen.  Fifteen folks on my blogroll.  There are so many more…but won’t you give a look-see to these fun blogs? 

6 thoughts on “…”I’m Feeling Lucky”

  1. Thank you for the props. I don’t Twitter because I’d rather devote that time to other hobbies, but thanks for thinking I should. By the way, you’re not so bad yourself. Cheers!

  2. Wow Linda, thank you so much!! That made my day!! :O)

    Your blog rocks too!! Big time!!!!

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