so. the training continues

Currently, I’m in week 10 of training for the LA Marathon…which normally would not require a post all of it’s own.  However, I’m aware that I am over halfway to this goal.  

SUNDAY  I ran 12 horrid miles.  In the rain.  Which isn’t such a big deal, except of course it hadn’t spilled one drop…until I decided to put on my shoes.  I started out in the rain, dropped my sweatshirt in the usual place, and kept the pace very slow.  I got out toward the country.  Alone.  In the rain.  I spied a dog on the right.  A little one, but a dog nonetheless.  I continued to press on. 

On River Road, 2 cars played chicken with me, although in defense of the first driver, I think she was texting.  The second driver looked at me and purposely PURPOSELY swayed into me.

I was listening to a podcast from herknees, so I was entertained to say the least.  I took a Gu over Jack Tone.  By the time  I looped all the way around the city, it was 9 miles.  NINE.  Around my whole city.  I barely made mile 10-12, barely shuffling my feet.

TUESDAY was a quick fiver.

WEDNESDAY Did  a 6 mile tempo run.  Well, four of it was tempo.  At a 9:40 pace.  It was hard, I had to pull it out, but I did it.

Tonight I have my final Shot Clock duties for my year.  I have been on the shot clock for 3 games, and I freaking ROCK it.  Although sometimes I click it too much.  I over-click.

Tomorrow, we have 14 on the schedule.

I am simply amazed that I’m still running.  Still.

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