My list:

  • People who speed up as I’m trying to run across the street.  You had a stop sign mofo…and I gave you the double flip off.  Even if you’re from the most religious family in town…you almost hit me.
  • People who are smoking when I’m running by them.  I know you’re outside, but so am I.
  • Drivers who drive 70mph in fog when you can’t see two cars ahead of you.  You’re pissed that I’m in the fast lane on cruise control going very slowly?   What, you can’t wait to get somewhere?  Well, guess what…you’ll be dead, and you’ll get there first, I’m sure.
  • Educators who don’t make kids own up to what they did.  Who just move kids.  I can’t say anything more than that.
  • iPhones for 4th graders.  This is insane, and going on at my kids’ school.  Really?  You need an iPhone?  Those things are like 300 bucks. 
  • People who judge me for getting my kids phones when they were 7 & 9.  Hey! I’m the one who taught them to text, so I could talk with them all the time.  When they are at Dad’s, they text me “I love you” before they go to sleep.  That’s good.
  • People who will not understand the difference between the last two bullets.
  • My ever changing blog theme.  I really like this theme, but the letters are too light.  Hey, maybe I’ll bold it.
  • Why I can’t eat what I want.
  • My home lender, who won’t make a deal.  They will now.  It’s changing again.

Add yours.  Maybe I’ll feel better.

3 thoughts on “Irritants: Thursday Edition

  1. Short people who step in front of me when waiting to cross the street. Really?! You really think that when that red stop hand turns into a white walking man this 6 foot tall woman with mile long legs is going to walk slower than you 5’2″ punk in heels? Making me have to move around you to dust you within 2 seconds is ANNOYING.

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