I woke at 5am this morning, trying to get in my 8 miles before my parents arrive today.  I still run when they’re here, but I want to spend as much time with them as possible, so I thought I’d knock that out of the way.

After LOTS of discussion with my coach on what marathon pace was or half marathon pace, we settled on 10:45 pace for 6 miles, and push for the last 2.  I ran that pace in Fresno, so he wanted me to see what that felt like.

It was like walking.

I’m certain when I say that I would have never believed good ole Crash Davis could work this well, but he did.  I looked down in our first mile, and we started out at 10:01.

For the first three miles, we would speed up and slow down so as to make the 10:45 pace.

Mile 1-10:47

Mile 2-10:34

Mile 3-10:52

It was brutal.  I was ready to give up this slow pace back when we came off the overpass at 9:31, but I was also WILLING to listen to direction.

At mile 4, our pace was 10:44, and I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  The sun was out, yet still foggy, people were running, biking and doing all things California, while I…I was slugging through a slow run.

At mile 5, I decided to stop looking at Crash.  I mean, my arm was tired from turning toward my eyeballs so much, and I had been squinting for better part of each mile to find the pace.  An old man drove right into us, yelling for us to get out of the street, and instead of flipping him off, I yelled back at him.  I was cranky.  Kim’s feet were dragging, I was ready.

As we turned at Spring Creek to hit mile 7, I said, “that’s it”. 

Mile 6-10:30

Mile 7-10:16

Mile 8-10:17

I pondered my Nike Marathon during today’s run…how I was in so much pain at the end, and I have decided that my true goal is to finish feeling GOOD.  Not just dragging myself over the line, but feeling physically strong, and mentally awake. 

I was a runner the day I laced up for the first time…but now, now I am a different runner.  My goal isn’t to just finish.  It’s to finish strong, and with passion.

8 miles, overall 10:35 pace 1:24:48

4 thoughts on “8 Mile Road.

  1. Hmm. I remembr a certain discussion about trusting. Trusting your coach and trusting yourself. Looks like things have turned the right direction!

    Have fun with your parents.

    Seven more weeks!

  2. Hey Ms V. I agree with that goal–to complete a race feeling good, so that you can revel in the finishing! I know you can do it, too.

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