Today marks 3 years since I’ve been separated.  I have no sadness, no sorrow today.  Yet, I’ve looked through my blog, and for each of the past February 3rds…I do not post.  I stick my head down, and apparently just go through the day.


This song was one I listened to when I was trying to be hopeful in the early days.  I was hoping that someday I’d feel better.

I do. I still notice the ghosts in my house, but they are quieter, and the loud cacophony that used to ring in my ears is but a soft tinkling now. 

Now, it’s my house.  My kids’ house.  My dogs’ house.  The snores and yells and ringing computer games and new telephones are the sounds I hear. 

And.  You know what?

I’m good.  Finally

2 thoughts on “We’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun

  1. It can be a long difficult journey on your own and I am glad you made to the other side.

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