Last night’s workout called for 1 mile warmup at 10:15, 3 X 1 mile repeats at 9:20, 1 mile cool down at 10:15.  If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that there is nothing I love more than running how I want to…However, in my quest for a killer PR at the LA Marathon, I have a new plan…to follow direction.

I love speedwork.  I do.  Except when it kicks my ass…wait.  I love the pain TODAY….Last night? Not so much.

We started out in our warmup, and we normally run 10:45 for kicks and giggles.  10:15 was going to be a task right at the beginning.  I credit the Plyometric exercises that my coach gave me for making this work.  We got going, and right away my clock said 9:45, so I had to pay attention to my body and Crash Davis.

At the bottom of our first mile, we decided to go right instead of left.  Mile 2 had me in pain.  Real pain.  We got to 9:15 fairly quickly, but because I hadn’t drank enough water during the day, I felt icky.  That chocolate bar and chips at lunch didn’t help either, and I knew it.  We forged through and hit the target, then had a 2 minute cooldown…

Mile 3 was rough.  We barely got to 9:36.  I wanted to stop.  I wanted to throw in the towel.  But, having to report that I gave up was simply not an option.

Mile 4 was worse.  I stared blindly into the headlights and willed my body to HTFU and get moving.  I was in pain.  I was hurting.  I knew the path we were taking was right up by the golf course, with the sweet street paving.  As we turned the corner into an incline, I could feel it.  This shit was gonna be painful.  9:31, faster than Mile 3.

As we finished our last jog cooldown, I could take it no more…However, we had one more mile.  I flipped off another driver who nearly ran me over, and Kim scolded me to stop being so angry…which of course made me angrier.  We had to get over the catwalk at 10:15 pace, and it was insane.

It was the first time I heard my heartbeat in my ears.  My blood pumping, my eyes watering…over that mofo in lightning fast speed so as to hit the interval pace.

When we were done? 10:04.  For the cooldown mile.

I told Kim I was pissed at her…and she said, “Yeah, I knew I could say that to you.”  We laughed and laughed, and then saw the clock.  It was 7:27, and my youngest got out of Tae Kwon Do at 7:30.  I had to jog to get him, and Kim picked us up.

Mile repeats are the devil.   You feel like you’re in the fire…and then today?  Bliss.  Because I did it.

Read more about Mile Repeats Here.

5 thoughts on “Mile Repeats are the New Devil

  1. Nice work Lady! 🙂 LOVE that feeling of “triumphant pain”. I think it’s why we love running, IMO.

  2. ” I love the pain TODAY….Last night? Not so much.”
    love this line! So true. I hate mile repeats…but then when I’m done I love them.

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