3 hours of sleep  

Driving to Davis, 75 miles away Tried to choke down a

Mile 1-3: Prescription: 10:35…Ran too fast at 10:18, 10:22, 10:16

At one point I hit Kim on the arm for …it didn’t work. Mile 1 highlight: Passed a Giants Fan.

Saw cub scouts! Thanked them. Glad they didn’t see me later when I was furious.

Mile 4 & 5. the 10K runners leave us. we go out. It’s now when I realize this course is going to lots of loops and turns.  We go over the overpass.

Mile 4-10 was prescribed at 10:15-10:25

Actual: 10:13, 10:19, 10:28, 10:21, 10:53-Mile 8…wheels start to loosen

Mile 7: Gravel Road.   Slanted streets.  Not fun. 

At Mile 8 I took ONE sip of Hurked it up the next mile.  It was then I realized.  I was starving.  I had nothing in my stomach. 

Mile 8. Girls, I understand if you need to call someone from the race.  But if you’re just chatting it up while I’m working HARD on forward movement, I will toss that phone. I will.

Mile 9 & 10. BAD Mojo.  Bad head. Kim is holding her side. She is hurting.  I can see it.  We are slowing way down:  10:52, 10:57…wheels fall off pacewise.

They are out of water at mile 10.  AGAIN.  I am so sick of these races being out of water.  It’s the third half that I’ve experienced this, and I yell a bad word.  Loudly.

Mile 11. Kim turns and says she has to stop. Her sciatic nerve is killing her.  She stops.  For a moment, I want to push on, then I realize we decided to run this as a team.  I’m not stopping.  Maybe it’s not the best racing decision but it’s a great team decision.  This article tells how to leave your partner behind, but I know I wouldn’t be this far without her.  So we walk.

I know my Paces are gone, my PR probably gone, but feeling good (part of my A goal) is not gone.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Mile 11: 1242

Mile 12: 12:15  She says.  Let’s shuffle.  We move ahead.  Slowly.  She yells “I’m HAVING A DIET COKE TODAY” which makes me giggle to no end.

Mile 13: 12:13  Head down.  Counting to a hundred …and doing it again. No music

.24 on Garmin left, we get in 9:09 pace …i have a kick.

As we are turning the corner, I think…if I get a PR it will be a miracle.  The clock is 2:26, my PR is 2:33.  Chip time:  2:24:50.

I get a Diet Coke at lunch.  Take 2 sips, and send it back.

Davis.  Fix your roads, your water, your volunteer situation.  Oh, and that catwalk?  It’s nothin’.  We eat those for breakfast.

I am 21/37 in the Age Group.  I could simply care less.  I was crying as we turned the corner.  Hard race in many ways…We crossed the finish line together for the first time in 2 years.  Rough course.  Lots of lessons to understand and learn.  I burned out in the first 7, with nothing left for the last part. 

I won’t be going back to Davis for a Half Marathon.  5K fun, yes…but this course was just way too long and winding for this gal. 

4 thoughts on “Davis Stampede: Photo Recap

  1. Really liked the photo race report. Congrats on the PR…I guess you will be crossing Davis off the list of any future races.

    LA is only 42 days away!

  2. I like the new blog layout Linda! Nice and clean!

    Sorry about your race. But I know for me that after 2 years I’m still learning every time I set foot on a race course. You can take these lessons and applythem.Six more weeks to L.A.!

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