We’re coming down to the wire.

I had a long talk with my coach tonight, because with Saturday’s run coupled with a big weight gain, I was ready to throw the towel in.

Tonight I get the prescribed workout:

5.5-ish miles [2m w/u @ 10:15, 6 x 3-min @ 9:10 w/jogging (NO WALKING) recovery @ no slower than 10:15, 1m c/d @ 10:30]. CORE WORK

Mile 1:  9:56

Mile 2: 10:08

Now.  Mile 3-4ish, I couldn’t read the data, but I set it to only do minutes, and all I did was run my hardest:  It was supposed to be 6×3 min + jog recovery (it didn’t state time, so I counted to 120)  Then I just saw that the recovery was no slower than 10:15, which I didn’t know, so I jogged slower.

I turned off the Garmin after each 3 min.

Here are the paces.  I could not see my Garmin:







anywhere from 9:31-10:23 last mile?  I think 10:23 was the end, but I was mostly under 10

I have looked at the data every which way possible.  The initial splits looks much longer, and then when I read it on a pace chart, my numbers were good.  Even the end was just because I had to hit a circle, but at 4.5 I was on pace for a 9:35 mile.

Good run.  VERY.

I had a long talk tonight with myself, and with my coach.  My head said, “enough”.  But my heart said, “Carry on.”

So I did.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Speedwork

  1. Good job on the speedwork. I think its the good workouts after a bad run that give us the most satisfaction and also give us the most improvement.

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