Yesterday’s 20 mile run was brought to you by Shaun White, who after winning the Gold in Vancouver, was asked by reporters how he could have done such an amazing, death defying, stunning stunt.  Shaun’s reply?

I just laid it down.

I had read Kara Goucher’s interview in Runner’s World on Saturday, and read that she has a tough time mentally during her races, and she cues up a word, fighter, to get through.  I tried that word yesterday, but it didn’t work for me. 

Then, Shaun’s words started coming out of my mouth.  Like what he did looked so HARD, and yet, he just laid it down.  It was the attitude I was after.  Complete ease.  Pull it out.  Lay it down.

Sunday was a dress rehearsal for the LA Marathon, coming up on March 21st.  I ate carbishly on Saturday, and while I had 5 kids at dinner, I mostly relaxed and hung around the house.

Saturday I got up at 5:15 to eat, just like I would in a few weeks.  Wheat bread and peanut butter.   I had no bananas, and was really sleepy.  Then I remembered on my Half Marathon in Fresno, I had a small cup of coffee.  Very small.  And, I PRd that day…So I heated up some coffee and had a slug.

Kim came over at 7:15, and we took off.  Her plan was to run the first ten miles with me, and I would drop her off so she would get ready for church.

Miles 1-5 were about an 11 minute pace, and felt great.  Spring Creek Loop.

Miles 6-10 were getting slower, a 12 minute mile.  Jack Tone loop.

Then I dropped her off. 

Miles 11-15, I thought would be easy, because it was the Spring Creek loop again.  It wasn’t easier.  In fact, it was now 9:30, the sun was up and around 60 degrees.  As I started out there, I had to mentally prepare myself for running the same road again.  When I got to 11 miles, I could breathe a little easier, because now I was in single digits.  The mile splits  here were about 13-14.  My feet were starting to hurt, my lower back was talking to me.

As I approached the catwalk for the third time, I had to pull out some words, and I just started saying, LAY IT DOWN LAY IT DOWN.  I didn’t want the bonk from last weekend, because it took until Wednesday for me to pull out of the spin of NOT doing the miles.  It was about getting. it. done.  I didn’t want to say I couldn’t do 20 miles either.  I want LA.  I do.

However, the last five miles were brutal.  I got in 14 minute miles for 2 of them, then I had to struggle to stay upright.  I forced myself to take my last Honey Stinger, which I like, but I just didn’t think I needed it.  That’s the thing.  You don’t THINK you need to follow your plan…but I did it anyway, and was glad.

The sun was hot on my skin.  I approached the 8th overpass of the day, and I knew I was going to finish.  I had Powerade (it’s on the race course) in one of my bottles, and I had water in the other.  Both were nearly depleted.

When I finally stopped at 20 miles, I was a block from home.

I do know this.  (From my friend Shannon)

Dead Legs Follow A Positive Mind

Everytime I wanted to stop, I remembered this.  I was a positive as I could possibly be.  Knowing I could do it.  Knowing I would finish.  Giving myself the support I give to others.  Knowing that I was NOT stopping until the time was up.

My only question is….How will I add 6.2 miles to the end of this run? 

Time to taper, and get my mental game on…

20 miles, 4:16, 12:49 pace

6 thoughts on ““Lay It Down”

  1. It’s funny how our mind plays tricks on us, isn’t it? We battle within ourselves…for courage, for speed, for endurance, for breath, for self-validation. Somehow, even after all the miles, all the training, all the time…we still doubt. We still wonder, “Do *I* have what it takes?”

    You aren’t alone in this battle, Linda. We all self-talk, feel the heat, pressure ourselves. This fight to dig deep and come up with a finish is in us all…you included!!

    I am so thrilled that this week’s run went better than last week. You should feel so proud of yourself. I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it. There are more than 6.2 more miles in your tank, Linda. There are. They are already there. Get those miles in your mind, too. You are gonna rock, LA…every single step of the 26.2! I have no doubt. I wish I could be there to cheer you on from the sidelines. You know I am there in spirit!

    Lay it down. One step at a time. Press on, friend! I believe in you! xoxo Now, enjoy the taper…madness that it is!

  2. Congrats on 20! You bounced back from last week’s run – so happy for you!

    I’m so glad that my marathon is a month after LA’s cause I can read all of your blogs and learn from your experiences.

  3. I always have my coffee. It warms me up, get’s the heart beating and comforts me all at the same time. You won’t even notice the extra 6.2 miles. You’ll be too caught up in the moment. Way to lay down a good run. Cheers!

  4. Way to go and way to finish! I second Shannon’s comments!

    Remember – the only losers are the ones who don’t finish. Now, let’s go kill us a Marathon….

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