Okay, we are ten days away from the LA Marathon.  Please look at my new header, and absolutely beautiful rendition of the finish line, by Restitution Press.  I got this from their Twitter page last night, and it is incredibly inspirational.

Time to focus.  Last night I ran a 6 mile run.  Tempo-ish.  1 mile w/u & c/d of 10:45 and 4 miles at 9:50 were the plan.  I made it almost to the penny:

w/u 10:43 then 9:41, 9:50, 9:51, 9:56 c/d 10:50 It was hard, but so needed for confidence.

Here are my current PRs.  I have no plan yet for the LAMarathon, but that’s not how my coach rolls.  We discuss it the Thursday before the marathon.  What do you think I’ll run for my second marathon?

Any good guessers out there?   C’mon.  Humor me.

8 thoughts on “Guess my new PR.

  1. you are going to run fast! Also I am available for spring cleaning if you pay for the plane ticket out to cali!! lol

  2. Looks like people are applying a little pressure for you to perform…. Based on you tempo run in the 10 minute mile area, the PR in the Half and my own experience I’ll cut you some slack and say 5:15:25

    Have fun and I will see you in San Diego!

  3. Not even crunching any numbers, just going by feel here, it feels like a sub-5. No problem at all (as long as you keep moving and don’t have too many port-o-potty breaks 😉 Go V!!!

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