Have you ever had a race or a run that was simply pure joy?  I mean, every step of the way?  Today was that race for me.  I am one week away from the LA Marathon, and I was asked to join a 2 man Half Marathon Relay at the ShamrockNHalf at Raley Field in Sacramento.

I was thrilled to do it, because I’m in taper week #2 now, and I knew this would keep me slightly de-focused for the marathon, and it was a short distance.  Also, my new Twitter friend Row, had taken me as a guest to her gym for a spin class, and I wanted to give back just a little bit.  Her husband’s partner dropped out, so he needed a teammate.

Enter Ms. V

The night before, I was treated to 3 hours of WWE Smackdown at the Stockton Arena.  I promised my son I would take him there, and about halfway in, I was totally over the fake fighting (wait, it’s fake, right?)  The only thing that intrigued me was the music, and how it would fit in a playlist.  But I digress.

Coupled with a midnight bedtime, daily savings was going to blow.  I was up at 4am, showered, ate my pre-breakfast, and my now pre-ritual of a half a cup of coffee.  I didn’t think I had much gas, and was hoping not  to let my friend down.

Driving to Sacramento was ROUGH.  I was so tired, but I knew by the time I got there, I would be fine.  I had to be.

There’s something different about a relay.  You’re responsible for your partner.  You can’t really blow it, because they’re waiting for you to come in.  There’s no DNF in a relay.  I mean you have to be losing a kidney to stop.

Mile 1 over the Sacramento Bridge.  Great music.  I knew the music I put on this iPod was going to be fun, and it was.  Repeat.  Mile after Mile.  Never stopped, took no water, just ran. 

Oh, the way I felt.  Not like I was flying, but that I was running.  And I loved it.   At one point, I looked at Crash, and I was running a 9:16 mile.  Without trying.



7.1 miles

10:16 pace








Today’s Playlist made the run enjoyable, and to think:  I nearly missed this race.  Thank you to all the people who support me every day.

I smiled with every song.

Wonderful Night 4:46 Fatboy Slim 

Au Fond du Temple Saint 4:50 David Byrne 

Bad Romance 4:55 Lady Gaga 

 Jump around  3:30 House Of Pain  

Poker Face Lady GaGa

Psycho (feat. Eminem) 4:46 50 Cent 

Hit the Road Jack 2:04 Ray Charles   

Ballroom Blitz 4:03 Blue Oyster Cult    

What Is Love 4:30 Haddaway 

 American Pie 8:32 Don McLean    

Ready Steady Go (Album Version) 4:16 Paul Oakenfold  

155 3:30 +44 (GREAT song!!!)

Break Your Heart (feat. Ludacris) 3:06 Taio Cruz (Brand new #1 song this week…GREAT!)

Yes We Can  – Obama Song

Lose Yourself 5:32 Eminem 

Happy Day!!

2 thoughts on “The little race that almost wasn’t

  1. You and your ever-changing layout …

    Great race. Congrats. You are ready for LA.

    Interesting playlist. Seems like every woman I know (and fake know) loves Lady Gaga.

  2. Sounds like a good confidence booster!

    And that comment by Viper is a little sexist isn’t it? What us guys can’t like Lady Gaga? It’s great running music.

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