It’s going to be hard to be succinct here.  Bear with me.

Driving into LA on Thursday night, I was struck with emotion.  Driving down the Grapevine, I simply started crying.  I couldn’t believe I was here, and was about to attempt my 2nd marathon.  I was so focused and ready, but this welling up of emotion I couldn’t have predicted.

I settled in to my Mom’s house, and started the laying out process of the things I needed.  I had no other shoes except 2 pairs of running shoes, so I had to borrow some flip flops from one of my sisters.  Other than that, the race weekend was going to be fun.  I went to the Expo on Friday, but I had to get out of there.  Too much excitement, too much amping up for me.  I had to scale back, get in the car & chill.  On Friday night, my coach had said to go to bed early.  But my family was over, all of them…playing games, partying, etc.  I was finally in bed at midnight.  My sister made a stellar pasta meal, and she started to not feel well.  Something I should have paid attention to…

Saturday, I went to The Blessing of the Shoes.  (earlier post).  I was ready.  Focused.  Could see the course in my mind.  Little did I know when I would go by that cathedral the next day, I would already be asking Jesus for some mojo.  I ate some of my sister’s spaghetti from the night before, and started feeling sick to my stomach.  Went to the dinner, ate 2 tortillas, some chicken, beans, rice…and not very much of it.  Starting to get the picture? 

What sticks out in my mind was the Saturday night Pre-Race dinner and festivities.  For my Mom’s birthday, I gave her tickets to it, so she could hear Pete Carroll.  Poor Peter, the race director had to deal with me tweeting him for weeks prior, so I could get my mom to a front table to hear her all-time favorite coach.

 My Mom threw her arms around Pete Carroll’s neck.  I couldn’ t have been happier.  He was quite gracious. And here I am with him too And Dean Karnazes

And Frank McCourtAnd what’s wrong with this picture?  I’m losing my house, he has all the money in the world.  If we got married, I would make him sign a pre-nup.  HAHA Yup, I think like that.    There was a bomb scare, and everyone had to move to the sand, and Pete was standing right next to us.  

But the man of the hour, was

Peter Abraham, Creative Director of the LA Marathon.

He is the one who got us there, who endured non-stop nagging from me…who made it seem so easy to be kind.  I will forever be thankful for him.  Probably no big deal to him, but for my Mom and me, it was something of a thrill. 

We got home around 9ish, started Watching Spirit of the Marathon, but soon felt sleepy enough to go to bed.  I set my alarms, laid everything out, including a new iFitness belt…which I loved.  However, what’s that thing about not doing anything new on race day? 

I was about to find out.


Next:  Part 2

4 thoughts on “LA Marathon Race Report, Part 1

  1. I with you on race expos. I can’t be there for too long. It’s just too crazy. Looking forward to the remaining parts.

  2. I absolutely cannot believe that you used a new fitness belt on race day….Remember you stating to me when I bought the new ipod thingy before the nut run???

  3. OK, so I never completed the comment…Your words to me “never under any circumstance do you alter your clothes or routine before a race!” and then remember how undecided I was on the sweatshirt??? This race stuff plays with our minds. You did great, how many DNF were reported and you were not on that list!
    Now on to bigger and better things!

  4. Part of the awesomeness of a marathon expo is getting to meet all the people that inspires us. So glad you got to meet some of your local heroes. Excellent report so far. Moving on to part II…

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