I completely forgot this, but as I was running the LA Marathon, this little blog turned 3 years old.

From the National Network for Child Care:

The 3-year-old is full of wonder and spends a lot of time watching, observing, and imitating. Their days are filled with busy exploration of their world.

Three-year-olds are interested in perfecting motor skills, and it is common for them to spend the entire morning going down the slide or riding a favorite tricycle.

Three-year-olds have very little memory for past events and do not understand “yesterday” and “tomorrow” the way adults do. They often repeat activities or may do and undo actions such as putting a puzzle together. These sequences are important to later understandings of change and consistency.

When I started this blog, it was a way to connect kids to online journaling.  Weblogging was something I hadn’t really heard of.  Each of my PE and Health students had to do their final on the web, and it was the first time I could see the power of this place.

March 21, 2009:  I blogged about losing my house, my job.  I had not yet run a marathon, but it was the first day that I ran 9 miles, my longest.  My blog was 2 years old.

March 21, 2008: I ran 3 miles.  It was long, and my blog was 1 year old.

March 21, 2007:  My first blog post.  I entered all of my students into The Governor’s Challenge.  I was teaching PE. 

Since then, I’ve divorced, I’ve lost and gained jobs, I’ve gained friends.  My life has changed because of the blogosphere.  Here, I’m connected to many people by the touch of a button.  I turned 50.  I’ve run 2 marathons, and 5 half marathons.  I found out bad news, I’ve had good news.  And all of you who read this blog have cheered me up immeasurably.  Thank you for the words that put salve on wounds, made me laugh, gave me impetus for new ideas.  Thank you to people like this guy who still comments on my blogs, but refuses to join me over on Twitter.  Thank you to my family, who periodically reads my blog.  To my mother, who keeps saying, “honey, what’s the name of your blog again?”. 

To Twitter, I have been fueled by your spirit.  Thank you.

Here’s to 3 years olds, and unraveling the mystery that is Ms. V!

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