This old house.

Purchased in 1990.

I moved in in 1994.

He moved out in 2007.

Remodeled, recarpeted, pool, spa

Luscious morning glory vines.

And over 3 years, slowly I stopped doing anything to the house

Because my inability to pay for it became a source of trouble.

And then there were deals, lots of deals

My lenders are bottom feeders, I always thought.

AND then,

suddenly it dawned on me this morning,

 that they have houses and families too

In this economy, everyone is trying to stay afloat.

I don’t sleep as well as I did

when I had a mortgage

 there is a price to be paid.

I’m not getting off scot free.

So, last Wednesday, I am in court for one. more. last. ditch effort

To save this old house.

And the case is postponed.


Like it has been for more than 2 years.

And the government has another new plan.

And I wait.

I have done nothing to this old house in the last 6 months,

because I’ve been too sad.

Facing the likely fact that we will be going somewhere else. 

Very shortly.

But, we’ve been hearing this for a long, long time.

So I write a statement purpose for this house today. 

If I can’t live here,

someone else will.

And, I weeded, and I dusted, and I decided.

That I would love this house, and get it ready for the next family.

Not putting in money I don’t have.

Putting in time, energy…to change the lightbulb,

 fix the flower garden, clean the lime stained porch.

Because the next family who lives here…

I want them feel my love.

And who knows?

It could be us.


(A small break from running this week.  I ran twice, and my shoes are completely ruined on the heels.  My coach got word that I have a vicious heel strike (funny how this internet life is really life, after all), and I am off to look at shoe options on Wednesday.)

5 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. Very nice. Good attitude to have. Take care of the place but don’t go overboard. $$ is tight everywhere. Lucky to have a roof.

    Thinking good, good thoughts as always for you and yours,


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