Healthy Ashley is giving away Bondi Band Headbands.  I.  Want.

Chic Runner is giving away iFitness Belts!  I have, and want another.

The iFitness belt is the one that I bought before the LA Marathon, and rode it on my hips, under armpits, butt, etc.  Held it even.  🙂  Nothing new on marathon day…so I will try it again this week!!

March Miles: 129.20 It was a long month.  Capped off with two weeks of recovery.  Gonna hit 1000 a year if I start running soon.

Old Shoes: There may be a reason I bonked in LA:  Apparently, I over pronate.  My coach is having a cow.  And I love him for it.  Shoe shopping is on tap.  Today

Yoga: I went to a Yoga class.  Apparently, I have become unflexible and tight.  I have NO upper body strength.  I say weakly to the teacher, “but I just ran a marathon!!!”  She could give a shit.  I’m tight. 

Polls I asked my followers on Twitter to DM me privately if they are married and have never cheated.  Ever.  Boy, was my inbox full today.  Faith in humanity:  restored.

Races: I have signed up for Bay to Breakers.  It’s supposed to be fun.  🙂

Carry on…

3 thoughts on “This & That

  1. Hope you can get some new shoes soon!! That heel does not look good!! Glad your faith in humanity has been restored.

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