Last year when I was 50, my doctor said I needed a colonoscopy.  She gave me a pass for a year.  This year, I had a scare earlier in January, and my doctor said you are getting that.  ASAP.

Let me tell you.  It’s not so bad.  The procedure.  It’s everything before it.

  • You turn 50.  Everyone asks if you’ve had it.  You put it off.  My doctor said, “Yeah, everyone puts it off until they hear of a friend who has colon cancer.  Then they run off to schedule the procedure.”
  • I had the marathon.  I put it off.  Until April.
  • You get the liquid.  It’s a gallon of liquid.  And, you have to drink it every 10 minutes.  I thought for some reason I’d be cleaned out asap.  (for lack of a better term).  It doesn’t happen like that.  You drink. And drink. And drink.
  • For 2 hours you drink, and then finally…finally…there ya go.
  • The next 2 hours are the worst because you drink, sit, drink, sit, etc. Repeat.  (Got the picture?)

All night. Like having the flu.  But you are so damned grateful not to be drinking anymore, you don’t care.

  • Surgery
  • Little tiny vein stick for the drugs.
  • Conscious sedation, my ass.  I was given Demerol, and I was NOT conscious.  This is a post for another time, but this sober alcoholic will never EVER have Demerol again, because it woke the beast up.  Just a little bit.  For a whole weekend.

Is it that bad? No.  Just the drink. 

The best part? When you’re told you have no cancer, no polyps, and don’t have to come back for 10 years.  A colonoscopy might be bad, but I’m sure colorectal cancer is worse.

4 thoughts on “I Should Probably Write About This.

  1. As much as everyone hates this procedure and puts it off, some for years and years, it is necessary. I had a friend/client who died from colorectal cancer 2 years ago at the age of 44.

    Git ‘er done!

  2. Been there and did that too, just about a month ago. Yes, the preparation is way worse than the actual procedure. Trying to schedule my training around it and not eating for a whole day…ouch! Good report so I’m good to go for 10 years too 😉

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