I just found out I got into the Nike Women’s Marathon Half.

I’m looking for a Marathon, any time between October 31 & November 21, that won’t cost me an arm and a leg in flight tickets.

So far: 

  • Philadelphia Marathon:  Cheap, but $600 to get there
  • Marine Corps Marathon: $768 to get there
  • Route 66 Marathon: Tulsa…TULSA?  $634 to get there

You see my problem.


10 thoughts on “Looking for a Marathon

  1. For what it’s worth, Philly is not only cheap, but gives you a lot of bang for your buck – very well-run, well organized, great shirt, nice finisher’s medal, great course support, great goodie/gear bag, etc. Plus, I’d gladly point you in the direction of cheaper eats & stuff like that 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I found a few that might work for you and be a little more gentle on your pocketbook.

    Dean Karnazes Silicon Valley Marathon – Oct 31 http://www.svmarathon.com/

    Eye-Q Two Cities Marathon – Nov 7 http://www.runfresno.com/

    Morgan Hill Marathon – Nov 7 http://www.mhmarathon.com/

    Santa Clarita Marathon – Nov 7 http://www.scmarathon.org/

    Malibu Marathon – Nov 14 http://www.malibuintmarathon.com/index.htm

    Mesquite Marathon – Nov 20 http://www.mammothmarathons.org/m/m.html

    I’ve never run any of these, so I can’t tell you anything about them, but it’s good to know there are a lot of options closer to home.

    Check out http://www.runningintheusa.com for other races.

  3. If I remember right, isn’t the Fresno marathon the one with free hot breakfast AND free ice cream? I’ll run it if you do! (Oops there go my legs and stomach engaging before my brain)

  4. I work with the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon – just thought I would share a few things! First, airfare to Tulsa can vary greatly depending on when you book. I travel back and forth from Miami, Fla., to Tulsa a lot, and I can usually get airfare for less than $250. The race is also very reasonable to enter – and if you register before midnight on April 30, you can save $10. The Tulsa area has an incredibly low cost of living, so hotels, food and entertainment will be very easy on your wallet. Finally, we just found out that the Route 66 Marathon finisher’s medal won second place in a contest in the Marathon & Beyond magazine. Just somet things to think about – please feel free to contact me with any questions.

  5. I say Route 66! Just for the ‘cool’ factor. 🙂 My bestie is a travel agent and she is GOOD at knowing when to book to get the best prices too.

    This question was easy…now I am off to ponder my ‘distinctive’ post comments, thought I could just rattle those answers off but now I see I must *think* for a bit.

    Too bad you can’t come run AKRON with me. Free place to stay! 9/25 baby.

  6. I vote for Philly! What Joe said above, plus it would be very cool to meet you after tweeting with you for the past few months. You’ll love the city and the course–fast and relatively flat (two not so bad hills situated about 6 miles apart). Consider me another “insider” resource…
    –Caren (UHS_Caren)

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