You know how everyone waits on baited breath to hear which marathon that Ryan Hall will do?  You know…is it New York or Chicago or Boston…and you wait, and it’s exciting if he happens to be covering the same ground you will…because you know, you’re not an elite, but dammit…you’re a runner.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet, and picked.  I will be running The Marine Corps Marathon on October 31st.  Here is the reason why…maybe you can understand my logic and explain it to my mother who was NOT happy because I’m spending money on a ticket and why does it have to be so far away, and couldn’t it be closer…etc., etc.  She is supportive to the bone, but we had issues.

Here’s how this went down.  In this post, I asked fellow bloggers and tweeters to give me feedback on good marathons, all of which cost $600 to round trip it.  I had lots of great feedback.  TONS.  Earlier in the month, I had toyed with MCM, but was afraid of the party, and you know, the distraction by the Marines.  Not proud, but it’s true.  I talked with my coach, who pointed me to a quiet little Philadelphia marathon.  I had Portland, Steamtown, Route66. I even found Fire Mountain, which has an 1800 feet ascent.  Um no.  Hell to the no.

What is all came down to was my sister.  My littlest sister Laura is 42 years old, and has a very severe form of Brittle Type 1 Diabetes.  In addition, she also has Addisons.  All last week I made it a personal mission to find a marathon where I could raise money for Diabetes.  The ADA has Tour for the Cure, but no marathon.  One guy runs for Team Diabetes in Canada.  Finally, I found the Diabetes Action Team, a charity that raises money for research.  I did my homework.  I called, I emailed, I researched this charity.  They are legit, and have been at MCM since 2004.  This helped me decide which marathon to do.  So.  Now ya know.


If you want to donate, or be on my team, it’s a small fundraising commitment.  Contact me in the email button on right, and you can join me on this journey!!  Team LaLa ROCKS!

PS. There will be Marines.



2 thoughts on “I am the blogging world’s Ryan Hall

  1. The presence of Marines is the major reason why I’d like to run this one some day. Good luck with your training!

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