For the last few weeks, I haven’t been in official training.  I’ve been doing these very weird things, having me in the gym at 5am.  In the morning.  AM.

For 7 years, every morning, I would head down to the gym and do 30 minutes of elliptical (*yawn*), and 30 minutes of *strength*.  Every morning, 6 days a week.  You get to know all the scoop in my small town, because that’s when the farmers go to the gym.  It seems as if  I always knew who I would have to fight for a certain machine, and I was always secretly glad when I got there ahead of this one guy…I liked pissing him off at 5am.  But, I digress.

So, June 1 will start training for Marine Corps Marathon.  In the meantime…

  • Spin Class.  Sweaty, good fun, but um, where are we going?  Nowhere.  We are sweating all over the floor.
  • Yoga.  My favorite class, but I go in thinking: This is so easy.   And, halfway through I’m sweating.  All over the floor.
  • Stair Master.  Not the fun elliptical kind that moves you the way it wants to.  This is some Jacob’s laddery type thing invented by Satan himself.  And I have a 35 minute routine that has me sideways, backways, double stepping, whatEVER.  And I sweat.  All over the handles.  And the floor.
  • Spin-Yoga days.  Where I do both.
  • Running 3 days a week.

My thighs feel like steel metal.  My coach assures me that they are supposed to feel this way.  I know I’m a girl…but secretly, I LIKE feeling like IronMan.  Just for a little bit.

2 thoughts on “In The Interim…

  1. the stair climber is a great cross training option, tough but great for cardio.

    Marine Corp, what a great choice.

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