I have just started training for The Marine Corps Marathon.  Official training.  I’m in week 2.  Here’s some things I’d like to do differently this time:

  • 2 a days.  When I have time, which I do this summer, my coach has given me workouts twice a day.  these are variations of spinning, yoga, running & core work.  i have only been able to do 2 in a row.  tomorrow i will see if i can do three.
  • take myself seriously.  i think for the most part, i can pump myself up to believe i can do it.  yay yay yay me.  however, you have to have the money behind your mouth.  which means every time i don’t want to work out, i take myself out of the running, literally and figuratively.
  • no pedicures until november 1.  what i’ve learned about my feet is this:  if i build them up during training, then slough them off over and over, i’m really damaging the hard work i’ve put in.  i’m sure there’s no scientific evidence to back this up, but honestly, there should be.
  • no diet sodas until november 1. remember i gave up diet drinks this year before the la marathon.  well, slowly, ever so slowly, they worked back into my diet.  here and there.  diet mountain dew, diet orange, full coke, etc.  i feel better when i don’t have them, so now…i don’t have them.
  • focus. i have wanted a bq since i started running.  when i’m 60, i will have to have a 4:30 time to bq.  i hope to do it before then, and my coach believes that i can if i do the work.  it’s not a wish, it’s a real goal.  but lately, i’ve been diverted with thinking about ultras, tris, etc.  not that i’m going to do them.  i’m not.  i just know that i’m the girl that wants to conquer the marathon and that’s it.  even this month in runner’s world, there’s a section on tris.  no bueno.  if i wanted to read about tris, then, i’d get that mag. (as i type this, i’m getting lots of nods from my twitter pals, so probably in a year from now this means i’ll be training for a tri.  no no no)
  • 4. the number is 4.  i don’t care if it’s 4:59:59, i want a 4.  which means i have to work for it. 
  • races i have the san francisco half marathon in july, nike half marathon in october.  august & september are not spoken for.  that being said, i love racing, but my focus is running, and running hard.  building up my hockey stick legs for the hills on the marathon.  the endurance.
  • music. one thing i’ve learned recently, is that there is a reason that i turn my music down during races.  it’s because the music distracts me from my body, and i defocus very quickly.  so recently people have been talking about running naked.  no music, no garmin.  this morning, i ran a full mile with sound.  it felt good, but it was boring as hell.  so yeah, sometimes i need the distraction.
  • boyfriends and dating.  or dating and boyfriends.  or lack thereof. i seem to get fairly dipsy when a man comes into my life.  the last few months i’ve met several men, dated, chatted, phoned, texted, emailed, skyped.  here’s the deal for me.  i gotta get this marathon thing nailed.  so i know i’m not normal.  i know people have full on relationships while training, and although i’ve stated LOUD AND CLEAR, that i do NOT want a relationship, i seem to get wacky just with the kiss-chase.  so yeah, i’m gonna put that on hold too.  as if i have any say about it.  the universe has it’s ways.  but i’m not in pursuit.  at all.  and it’s killing me. lol
  • remember why i’m running you see the sticky note at the top of my blog.  it’s why i’m running this particular marathon.  i couldn’t find a marathon where i could run and raise money for diabetes.  i’m so tired of hearing about my sister with some new illness, with some other reason to be careful.  her story is on the team lala page, and gives me purpose for this training.  so yeah, i want that sub 5, but i’d give it all if she could just get better.

3 thoughts on “In Search of 4.

  1. You’ve got a plan…stick with it and you’ll get that 4! I especially love the “take myself seriously”.

  2. Linda…

    4 is definitely within your reach! Think about a Sprint Tri…lots of fun and new challenges for you.

    Good Luck…

  3. I know you can do it with dedication and a solid plan. One step at a time, just keep getting out the door! 😉

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