This summer, I was informed that since I’m on vacation, I will be getting 2 workouts a day.  My response?  Bring it.  Feeling cocky and sure of myself, I knew I could do it.  Easily.  You just workout, eat, rest and workout, right?  Not so much.

This is the third week of these two a days, and this week, for the first time, I was able to do three in a row.   And it was a big deal.

Tuesday:  Did Spin & Core work in am, Yoga & 4 miles in the evening.  Yoga is so hard, but I keep thinking it’s like relaxation, and it is SO not.  My teacher, at the end of the class says, “And you get to go run 4 miles”.  Yeah, i know.  Tuesday’s miles weren’t so bad, but I was definitely feeling it.

Wednesday: 4 miles relaxed in the morning.  Well, since I’m up until midnight, morning was more like noon.  On the treadmill.  Nice and slow.  Wednesday night called for a mix-up of 6 miles, alternating times.  I did it for 3, but bailed and finally ended the night just doing 3×2 9:30 splits for nearly 2 miles.  We got in the 6, just not as prescribed.  It was wicked hot and hard, and Kim and I were both spent at the end.

Thursday: The morning called for spin and core, which I did easily, and I thought…oh, tonight’s 4 miler will be EASY PEASY (just like my coach called them).  They were anything but that.  I parked my car at the market, because we were out of milk, and I could also avoid a hill, making it an easy run.  When I got to N.Ripon Road, I looked at Crash Davis, and realized, it was only .6 mile.  Really?  Up and around Mistlin Park, by the Jack Tone Truck Stop, into the market parking lot I fly…and look down.  2.83 miles.  I ran around and around.  Down side streets, because I needed to prove to myself that I could do four miles.  I ran into the parking lot just as the manager was coming in.  I got my keys and ran in and grabbed a water…which I paid for with my groceries.

And, I finished 3 days in a row of 2 workouts a day.  But, I’m spent.  I really am.  Today is an off day, with a 5am start tomorrow of 11 miles.  Damn.  It was hard.  But, I’m very satisified with this.  Time to rest & hydrate because it’s going to be 106 today.  Central Valley.  It’s July. 

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