San Francisco Half Marathon, here I come.

This half will be the first half I’ve done since February’s Davis Stampede, in which I PR’d 2:24 and change.  I ran LA Marathon earlier and then have done a handful of little races since then.

Tomorrow will be the first Half Marathon on the March to my full Marathon on Halloween.  I don’t have any real specific goals, except for an 11:15ish mile pace the first half, and 10:40 the second half.  It’s a few miles up and back on the Golden Gate bridge, which is one of my favorite places to race.  The wind in your hair, the mist, the people…all spectacular, even to this California girl.

Last night I went to the Expo, which was actually very pleasant, and saw only a few people I knew, but then went to the Tweetup at a local bar.  This turned out to be incredibly fun.  I knew a few people beforehand, but mostly everyone else was new to me.  We had the pleasure of Bart Yasso also stopping by, but he’s one of those guys that doesn’t really go for the name treatment.  It was just as fun meeting Joe, Penny and her sister, Kimberly, Michael (a couple I met in San Diego), John HellaSound, and others. 

I got home, and got the map out.  This morning, I’m hydrating and sitting in the pool.  I speak at a local AA meeting tonight, then Kim and I race out of here at 3am to make a 6am race start.

My hopes are for the Half Marathon to go well.  Haven’t run that far since LA.  But, what I’m really hoping for is the renewed energy and hope that comes in the beginning of a training cycle…that maybe THIS time.  THIS marathon will be the one that edges me over the wall…that solidifies that I’m doing it right. 

Again, I’m thrilled to be a part of this running community.  One that embraces all of us, fast and slow, young and old…and to have made real heart connections in this crazy world.  I am truly blessed.  Now…on to San Francisco…

My season begins…now.

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