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Monday, I broke my toe.  In the middle of 4th period, I am walking to let my students in, and slammed it right into the corner of a desk.  Lucky for me, and for my students, they did not hear what I yelled in my head.  The first thing I thought was…Oh. My.  I am training for a marathon…and anyone who came to me in the nurse’s office heard me say the same thing. “I’m training for a marathon”.  Some poor Freshman came in and I said this to him, and he’s like, “uh, I’m just here to check my blood sugar.”  and I’m all…uh… He’s a diabetic, and I’m complaining because I’m training for a marathon.

And, so what this does for me is make me take a step back.  To take a breath.  To sort of put this into proper perspective.  Yeah, my feel look like hell, because I don’t believe I should get a pedicure while I’m training.  I’ve worked hard enough, thank you, to get all the calluses I need.  But in the moment that the football coach tried to wrap my toe, I was humiliated that my feet looked like something from the black lagoon. 

I walk back into my classroom two hours later.  And, I slammed it into the same desk.  Same desk, same toe.  Same screaming, outloud because no one was around me.

I cannot run, and I cannot even put on a shoe.  I’m told not to run for a week, and here’s where I think I have a problem.  I’m not tapering, I’m weeks away from the Marine Corps Marathon.  Everything is the same.  Except that I’m restless.  I am awake late late at night because I don’t have an early morning run.  I’m watching too much TV.  I’m waiting and watching my broken toe to see if it gets smaller.  It doesn’t get smaller.

It’s only been a week, but it’s been a long week.  Broken toes heal.  I have lots of blog posts roaming around in my head.  About broken hearts, and loving people, and home mortgage woes and the Los Angeles Dodgers, but really.  I have this little 1 inch piece of my body that has been consuming me.  I bend and stretch it at every opportunity, hoping for the signal that I can use it again.

Looking to try it out tomorrow.

PS:  WordPress now lets me add pictures and links, so I don’t have to hunt all over the web.  I’m loving it!!!

6 thoughts on “Broken Toes & Long-Gone Blog Posts

  1. Oh, I broke my toe once waaaaay back in high school. It was uber-painful. But MCM is a long way away, you have time to heal.

  2. RUN!!! I’ve broken my toes 4 times-I couldnt stand not running so I ran-and stopped if it hurt! But thats stubborn me….

    SMILE!!!! you’ll be running soon!! All will be ok!!!!

    stupid toes!

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