I’m 5 weeks away from Marine Corps Marathon, and took on the challenge of another trail race.  I LOVE TRAILS, but seriously, after today, I’m not so sure I can do any more so close to marathon day.  I literally was terrified of injuring myself today, given there were 8000 gopher holes on this trail.

I’m so tired I can’t see straight, but I’m going to try and type this out.  I uploaded my data tonight before bed, and was SHOCKED at the elevation chart, so thought I’d better get this out while I remembered.  Woke at 4:30, got to Chili’s, rode with Row and her husband to San Pablo Dam, for the Fall Classic Half Marathon.

There were very few runners in the half marathon category.  Maybe 50.  or so.  And the Race Director was giving directions as to the different turns we would take, and in my usual brain dead state, didn’t listen.  This would prove to be a problem later.

This was a mixed trail race.  Some asphalt, some trail.  It all felt hard immediatley.  My shins were hurting by the half mile marker.  Mile 2 & 3 were uneventful, and very pleasant.  Mile 4.  All good.  At some point, I got lost, adding a half mile or so on to my race.  I went down a path, and a gate was on one side, a blocked trail on the other.  Ran back to see where I was.  Girls I was with came running.  Finally we found out you should OPEN the gate (duh).

Here’s where it got ugly.  Really ugly.

Mile 6 on the elevation chart above.  Straight up.  On a trail. Me. Walking.  And, i’m normally okay with walking, but I really did not want to be DFL.  Walked up and at the top it all leveled out a bit, except I had to go back on a trail, and almost missed ANOTHER pink arrow.  Stood at an intersection for a few minutes trying to figure out which way to go.

Ran around the lake.  Ran to the 7 mile AID station, and back again.  Down that hill was worse. My quads were on fire, and I had to walk. 

The rest was a battle.  A run/walk/DNF battle.

I ran in.  Ahead of my injured friend.  Tacky, I know…but yeah I did it.

I can barely keep my eyes open, but my legs are on fire, every part of them screaming STOP NOW!!

Tomorrow’s another 8 miler.  I’m exhausted.

Oh yeah.  I got 1st place.  Out of 1.  But I did it, and am proud.

Row, Mac & Me.  Before the race.

Our Lindsay Lohan look

One of my favorite people, Ron aka IRONMAN BADASS after the race.

Mac, Row & Me.  We all got 1st place in our Age Group!

5 thoughts on “Race Report: Fall Classic Half Marathon

  1. How cool! You know – walking is kind of normal in trail racing. When you look at the finishing times of a lot of ultra runners – we’re talking 14:00 to 15:00 paces.

    Join me in Bishop in the spring?

  2. Why am I not surprised you ran past your friend at the finish line!
    Trail running would freak me out too, heck any running I would be doing now would be only for my life and I am afraid you would be attending my funeral.

  3. Wow, was there a ladder on that course, I mean that is straight up.

    Way to go, MCM will be an awesome race for you!

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