lake merced SF
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1 year ago I became a marathoner. 

I ran my first full marathon in San Francisco, at the Nike Women’s Marathon.  I remember driving into that city.  So confident, so assured.  You can read my race report here

And, in that year, many things have changed, and yet stayed the same.  I have long hair.  I have run another marathon.  I have run lots of half marathons, and smaller 10k and 5ks.  But the fact remains:

One year ago, I became a marathoner. 

My life changed when I lined up in the corral.  With my Mom and sons watching, with elbow to elbow running for 6 miles at least.  When chasing up the long hill.  When I got to the park.  When I got to Lake Merced. 

But mostly, my life changed the day I ran across that mat.  I was 50 years old.  Yet, I was like Seabiscuit.  I didn’t really *know* I was 50.  I just trained like everyone else.  I remember when my TNT Mentor came up to me at mile 23, and asked me when I knew I would finish the marathon.  I told him I knew at Mile 6.  And I did.

Tomorrow, I go back to the Nike Women’s Marathon to run the half.  And, even though I have run many other races in many other places, I still cannot wait to stand in Union Square in pitch dark…to feel the pulse of the crowd, and see the Niketown Wall.  To be with friends.  To again pound the pavement.

Because it was there, in that city that I became a marathoner.  1 Year ago.  When I decided that the marathon was the distance for me.  And I ran in LA, and I will run in DC in a few weeks…to see if it is still the distance for me.

But for now, I will walk around Union Square and savor the joy and the heartache and the sweat and the tears that gave me the ride of my life.

The Marathon.

8 thoughts on “1 year Ago

  1. Wow. Such a great post. A great way to spend your marathon anniversary. I kept telling myself I was too old to get back into running, but I am far from it at 28. One day, I just may run a marathon too.

  2. what a great year it has been! it is amazing to come full circle like that. good luck with the half and good luck with DC. i can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  3. Congrats on your one year anniversary for completing your first marathon! And thank you for always sharing your story, the ups and downs.

  4. Man, I want that feeling! Hopefully my first marathon will be as memorable & cherished. (LA Marathon 2011.. or 12?) Congrats on Nike, good luck on MCM!

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