Tomorrow, 10-31-10

It will be 3 years since Kim said to me:

You want to run?

Us standing there.

She with a stroller.

Me with a broken heart.


Let’s try.

Running through the streets of Ripon

My old school iPod in hand

to see how long

30 seconds is.

Can we really run 90 seconds?

In a row?

Apparently, we can.

Tomorrow, I tackle

Marathon #3.

While Kim…finally finally…

has taken the plunge

And is experiencing her first Marathon

next week.

Happy Runnerversary my great friend.

I love you.

Time to get on the marathon bus.

One thought on “3 Year Anniversary

  1. love this!
    looking forward to your race report. what you have learned. and so on. i know it was tough but you finished and i look forward to hearing about it and learning because i do and have learned so much from you in my own running journey that is just in toddlerhood.
    rest, recover and please share.

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