Stumbling.  Down into the abyss.  Finding the treasure that still waits for me.

Kim came over last night.  Her first words out of her mouth:  When is the next one?

Yes, she caught the bug. 

I was on tap to run the Los Angeles Marathon in March, but I’m not ready to train, to start again.  I am taking a few months off to do core work, arms and legs…and to continue to work on hip and leg range of motion.

Here are some of the marathons I’m eyeing.  Chime in if you know any in April…Because, yeah.  I know what I want. 

Country Music Marathon, Nashville TN 4-30-11

Kentucky Derby Marathon, Louisville KY 4-30-11

Golden Gate Headlands Marathon Marin CA

Diamond Valley Lake Marathon Hemet, CA

Here we go again…

6 thoughts on “The Quest Begins

  1. Nice. I have heard nothing but great things about Nashville. Great city, great marathon. Find that treasure. Cheers!

  2. Diamond Valley is more like a trail race but not really. It takes a couple loops around a large resevoir on a dirt road. The feedback I’ve heard is people either love it or hate it. Sam has done it. You might talk to him.

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