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Today.  Yesterday.  Last week.  3 good runs, all within a 10 minute mile range.  I don’t even recognize myself.  My feet are light, my heart sings.  3 miles this morning, 4 yesterday, 5 earlier in the week.  This from a girl who was never going to run again after the last marathon.

As I was waiting for Kim today, sitting in front of her house, which is across from a church, I thought to myself that running has become my church, my sanctuary.  Yeah, I still belong to a church, but with all the races on Sundays, I rarely get there.   I watched the people walk in from their cars, carrying their bibles, and actually started to think about what I get from running and its people…is nearly identical to what I get from church.

Why running? 

1. Because it is an act of obedience to your training and it honors the work you’re trying to do. Remember long runs.  They are holy, and necessary for your training.

2. Because we need to belong to a community of runners  who are trying to live out the running gospel just like we are.

3. Because we will benefit from being taught and led  by stronger runners, more seasoned ones… rather than always depending on ourselves to create our own running plan.

4. Because we need regular reminders of speedwork, hills, long and short runs…Our body needs to remember all these runs, the tempo and the recovery.  We need them all.

5. Because we need help…that running shakes out the demons rattling around in our brains.

6. Because we need help to face the issues of life and faith as presented through every foot on the pavement, over the catwalk, on the track…

7. Because we need to hear how other runners in the past struggled, grew and lived out their goals from different perspectives.

8. Because we need to hear about the experiences of other contemporary believers.

9. Because we need to hear reminders of running love…the absolute joy of feeling your heart pound out of your chest:  Not because you’re in love, or there was an exciting event…but the joy of listening to your body work, sweat, breathe.

10. Because we need an alternative to the constant messages of a culture that ignores working out.  If I had a dollar for everyone who told me three marathons were enough, well…you get the message. 

11. Because we need to experience artistic and creative expressions of giving away the running gospel.  I find myself lighting up when a new runner asks about shoes or plans or sunglasses.

12. Because believers need help to reflect on the past week and see it as a small part of the journey of life.

13. Because we need a conscious break from work, family problems, and self interests in order to concentrate on our lives…

Today I experienced the joy of fleet feet, of heart singing and shoes and quads powering.  It was joyous. 


(Truly lifted from this article Here are 13 reasons to go to church, ( http://www.dailywordofgodgroup.com/why-go-to-church.htm)

6 thoughts on “Running is Sanctuary.

  1. Great post! This really resonated with me. Running is most certainly the spiritual aspect of my life. So glad to hear you’re having some good runs out there!

  2. And.. like in most religions, we periodically find ourselves lost, in a “crisis of faith”.. Before you wrote this, when I read your updates after MCM, I could tell you had some angst. I thought, she’s having a “crisis of faith”. Glad you came around and saw the light.. =)

  3. Ms. V this is wonderful!! It made me smile and resolve to get out there again today, fight the pain and not give up.
    Thank you for your inspiration (again).

  4. I have never been a religious person, but I have often said that those times when I have been out running, riding my bike or even walking to dogs is my church. It is my time to be at one with myself and the earth, to give my mind and body and chance to really breath.
    I am glad you are back at it. I knew you would be. Hugs

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