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On Thursday, I will be all puppies, kittens and rainbows.  And, I will be thankful for all of you, for the people in my life, for love, for running, for food.

But today.  Today is Wednesday.  And I will rant.

Most people know how I feel about Banditing a race.  My coach agreed to not only get a bib for MCM, but also to raise money for my team.  I talk about this principle on a regular basis.  If you’re going to race a course, pay for the event.  The organizers plan according to how many people are there.  There is no reason to be a cheapskate and bandit.  Don’t take the water.  Don’t take the Gu.  If you must bandit, get NOTHING from the course except the road.

Today, however, I nearly pulled the trigger and decided to bandit the Lake Balboa Turkey Trot.  I did the race in 2008 and 2009.   It was just a regular Turkey Trot.  Designed to get me out of the house, burn a few calories so that I can put them x 5 back in during Thanksgiving Dinner.  Last year, the event organizer TryUsEvents put this on.  They were so VERY disorganized, and got horrible reviews on their race and disorganization.  Oddly, the comments from last year have been taken away.  Hmm.

I decided not to pay the Active $3 fee, and register in person at Road Runner Sports in Woodland Hills.  The registration was from 12-5 today.  Of course I was there at noon.  As were a few others.  By 12:30, there were no Turkey Trot folk in sight.  I decided to call the number on the flyer.  The man I got, in essence said, maybe your attitude is the wrong attitude for this race, and maybe you should go somewhere else.  Un. Real.  We were sitting there shocked.  No “Sorry about that.  We’ll be right there.” 

1pm rolls around, and the lady with the boxes and bibs shows up.  Late.  Unprepared.  Won’t take my check, as I scratched out $25 and made it $30 because of the date and registration change.  I was registering my pal Bob as this would be our second Turkey Trot.  I was so steamed I called him and said “Let’s Bandit this Mother F***er”, and he says YEAH.  To hell with them….!!!   I was livid. 

I am usually pleasant.  There is no need to bust a cork on this type of behavior.  It wasn’t the money.  It was the attitude.  I’m happy to pay for and run your race…but how about a little respect and kindness back… I turned.  I took my money.   I called Bob.  Everyone in line was shocked.  They couldn’t believe the race organizer’s attitude toward all of us. 

Before we decided to bandit, Bob sent me a link to the Burbank YMCA Turkey Trot, which is where we are going tomorrow.  He saved me from the bandit.  So, I head to the town of my birth tomorrow, plunk down $35, and race my little 5K heart out.

End of rant.  Tomorrow…gratitude.

4 thoughts on “The Night Before Thanksgiving Rant

  1. Unbelievable! At a time when people are selecting their races with care and saving their pennies, it seems that the race staff at all levels should be bending over backwards to provide excellent customer service and at least a little courtesy.

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience, especially because it was so unnecessary. I bet you don’t run a TryUsEvents race again (I wouldn’t)

    Have a great race in Burbank!

  2. We raced across town LAST night (Tues) to P/U bibs for our Trot; our event is well-organized but has grown impossibly HUGE over the years, a victim of its own success I guess…
    But it’s for a good cause & now it’s my 1st opportunity to run w/my 12-yr old, so we’ll brave the crowds tomorrow.
    I guess the combination of me still being a Good Girl at heart as well as an unbelievably SLOW runner, I’d probably never get away w/being a bandit unless I were on horseback 😉

  3. Customer service NOT! #fail

    Well our kids bandited our TT because the start was friggin’ chaos!

    Some people can’t organize a piss up in a brewery!

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