Kim, Shiloh, Linda, Jami

This was our second time running the California International Marathon relay, and I can’t say this enough.  I love the relay.  The team spirit.  The fun.  The teeny tiny miles. 

This year, we had a slight bump in that our 4th member bailed two days before the CIM.  I asked on Twitter, and within minutes, Shiloh responded!  She lived minutes from leg 3, but wanted to meet up with the team at the butt crack of dawn at 5am.

I was up at 3:45 am, ready to go get Kim after a stellar weekend.  We had gone to the Expo the day before, and I found my Mizunos which made me REALLY happy, since I’ve commited to the LAMarathon in March (more on that later). 

Drove to Kim’s house.  Dark.  She was still asleep.

Finally got over to Jami’s where we piled into her car for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  Here’s this sedate, sweet woman, and she is like a bat out of hell.  And thank goodness too, because we missed another freeway, just like we do every year.

I was leg 1, which has it’s definite downside if you like team energy.  You pull up and have to jump on a bus.  SO, I never met Shiloh until after the race.

I sat on the bus waiting waiting waiting…and noticed that the bus driver was texting.  Not a good sign.  And, she kept texting.  Luckily, there was a girl on the bus who knew a back way to the start line. 

I hit the porta potties, and instantly found the 5:30 pace group, but since I was only running a 5.9 mile leg, I decided to move up.  Let me tell you the difference between the 5:30 people and the 4:00 people.  Noise.  Everyone’s all chatty in the back.  Those people in the front have earphones in their ears, and are focused.  It was amazing.  No one was having much of the Ms. V. chatter.

The course was uneventful, except it was more rolling than I thought.  We saw Santa at one point, and a runner yelled out “I’ve been good Santa!”  I was hitting consistent 10:15, 10:35 pace, but finished my leg in 1:03:xx, a 10:42 pace.  I don’t think I’d run more than 5 since a few weeks ago.  Plus, I really was happy and peaceful, so the running was just easy. 

Handed off my Garmin and relay chip to Kim, and got on the bus.

The up side of Leg 1, is that you can see the Elites finish.  It was pretty fun.  The downside is you are there a long time.

All in all, a fantastic time, and we have now christened Shiloh part of our team.  See ya next year CIM Relay!!

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