In March, I ran the LA Marathon.  You can read the LA Marathon Letter I wrote to the race organizers.  And part 1 (where I talk about Peter, the race director) , part 2 (the actual race)  & part 3 (the metaphors)  took forever to write. 

I bonked at mile 8, and was on the ground at mile 19.  There ya go.  That’s the short form.

And, I knew I had to go back to LA at some point.

Then came the Marine Corps Marathon.  And more misery. And realizing marathons are stupid.  I don’t want to do them.  It’s like when you decide you’re never ever ever going to fall in love again because you have been married twice…and then you get some random person in your life that makes you think twice…but I digress…

I decided that I’m 51 damnit, and if I do marathons, I will do them in really weird places and venues because i’m not like a young chicken.  Don’t have that many more in me blah blah blah.

And I get a note from Peter.  And the LAMarathon is an option.  And he gives me an incredible gift.  And all of a sudden I’m registered …and it’s 15 weeks away. 

And I talk to my coach who is quite confident I am going to do fine.   So, today, I knock out 12.25 miles in the fog, and I start to think about each mile of the LAMarathon course.

And I realize that I have unfinished business.  Not with the marathon, but with the Los Angeles Marathon.  My favorite course in the world, my city…my town.

So.  We begin again.  Unfinished business. 

I tell my boys about it in our family meeting.  I ask them how they feel about me training again.  They both sigh.  They are 13 and 11…and they say, but you’re gone all the time.  And, we talk about it.  And then…just like that, they are all cool with it.  The other night I bring in McDonald’s because I have a 5 miler, I don’t have time to cook and remind them just HOW MUCH they love training.

And…they laugh.

15 weeks.  And counting.

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