Eiko and her credit card
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I’m all excited about Christmas.  I did all my shopping at the local hardware store for under $150.  For a lot of people.  That’s how I roll.  Or how I roll now.  Now that I don’t live on credit cards.  And I always talk about my family and friends and how I love them.  But this post answers the question:

Name someone who deserves more credit

Here’s my list…

  • The newspaper delivery guyKim and I run every day at 5am.  We see this guy and his buddy in their little car.  Stick shift.  Roll down windows.  Bundled up.  Tossing papers.  I think that qualifies on just the cold factor itself.
  • The owner of my hardware store. When I was first divorced, I went in to charge on my usual account.  My soon to be ex had beat me to it.  He had taken my name off the account.  There I stood.  With kids.  Them telling me.  I’m sorry, you can’t charge here anymore.  The owner offered me my own account.  Without having to go through my credit.  I always will shop there for that reason.
  • All Starbucks Baristas. Okay, I think for awhile it was probably cool and unique to be a barista.  But now, these people have a serious job.  I heard someone order and upside down triple caramel latte without cream extra shot this morning, and I thought, you have to have some serious stamina for this job.  The baristas have just become part of our life…and as such, sometimes get treated poorly.  But yeah.  We owe them one.
  • Rescue Shelter People.  We got our dogs at a no-kill shelter.  They are rescue dogs.  They were crazed and unloved and the people who work there wrangled them into cages and shelters and took them under their wing.  When we got Chet, he was deranged, out of his mind.  He was jumping as high as the 8 foot fence he was held in.  The people who work there? They wouldn’t even let us have Princess & Chet until we went through thorough screening.  Gotta hand it to them.  Hard job.
  • People who work on the freeways in the middle of the night.  I sometimes see these men when I’m late coming home.  Can’t imagine working on a freeway, much less in the middle of the night.  Bright lights.  Noisy.  People honking at you.  Doesn’t sound fun.
  •  Anyone who works in customer service. You can’t imagine how hard it must be to be on the other end of the line, worried about your own family, your bills, your home mortgage, and hear someone like us yappy customers chewing them out because they sent us the wrong order, the wrong size, whatever.  Think about it people.  It’s really not their fault. 

Good cheer.  Happy Merry Christmas Eve Eve.  And, be nice people.  Life is short.

2 thoughts on “unsung heroes

  1. Some one actually died on two weeks ago in Chico helping direct traffic after an accident. I feel ya on that. Both drunk drivers…

  2. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks that. All those jobs out there that people look down on? But yet without them? Yea think about doing it all yourself. I like the thought of the barista people. There was a girl that worked the Starbucks drive through there on March Ln in Stockton? She just made my morning, if you went more then twice a week she figured out your voice and name, she made going back an enjoyable moment.

    How about the snowplow people? Oh yea, hats off to you Mr. Plow, thanks for making my drive into work in the morning possible.

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