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recognize anyone?

9 thoughts on “Running 2010

  1. O – m- G! I freakin love this thing. Am so happy I met you this year and had lots of laughs..that I wont’ mention. Glad my piggies made it! Love you and here’s to 2011 baby! My moto Run Hard Finish STRONG!

  2. Love it, Linda! So glad to have been part of what looks like a rockin’ 2010! Here’s to many more great memories in 2011! ~~Cheers!

  3. Love this, what a great idea! I was happy to see lots of familiar faces. What a fun year of running you have had. Here is to 2011 being even better!!!

  4. Linda, this is beautiful. And I am honored to have been a part of your amazing year in running. So proud of you, MsV!!! much love!!

  5. Haha! Brings back good times in San Diego. The other guy I recognize is the guynyou were supposed to talk to about some pitching. Looks like your words made it through! Looking forward to seeing you again this year.

  6. you’re such a beautiful tough woman and your smile warms each picture with you in it. everyone is full of so much vitality. i love it. thank you for sharing. xo next year, i hope to be in this montage too! (damn flat tires)

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