I used to make New Year’s resolutions.  And it usually involved weight or stopping something bad.  And, by the middle of January, it was over.  Why make exercise and weight goals in the middle of January?  It’s cold!  New Year’s resolutions should be made in like, June.

So since my last post right before New Year’s, my training was pretty sketchy.  All the runs were good…but I still am challenged with the Long Run.  Right before New Year’s, I tallied up the miles I had run…and it was 989.43.  On Dec. 31st, I was going to run 11 miles, but when I told my kids, they were…less than overjoyed since we had finally gotten a free New Years!  So, the number stayed.

Toward the end of the week, I was starting to worry that I would not be prepared in time for LA Marathon.  I started to think my coach was INSANE for giving me such long runs. I hadn’t really connected with him.  I’m in love, and he was on vacation (the nerve!), so I thought the dude insane for assigning 18 miles for Sunday.  So, smartass me, I asked for hills on Friday.  Stupid.  Killed.  I only got in 12.5 on New Years Day.

I was sad.

Did a Sunday run, then tonight the gauntlet:

4-1/4 sprints + 2-1/2 sprint + 1 mile @ puke threshold + 2-1/2 sprint + 4-1/4 sprints. Cool downs between each. Rough workout

Tonight Kim called me and said are you ready?  I was.  We had done a half gauntlet a few weeks ago, but as I found out tonight, a half is not a full gauntlet.  We did the prescribed workout.  And, we kicked ass.  8.73 miles, and very satisfied.

And now.  You’re all caught up.

If I were to have a New Year’s Resolution, it would be to keep on…keepin’ on.  Cheers, and welcome 2011~

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