I’m reposting this blog as another set of students harass my student, and suggest to her that she hang herself.  Please keep talking about this.  If not you, who?

PS-3 Suspended…1 Defended

Billy Lucas, 15, of Indiana

Seth Walsh, 13, of Tehachapi CA

Tyler Clementi, 19, Rutgers University Freshman

Asher Brown, 13, Houston

Raymond Chase, 19, Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island

And, that was just September.

And it’s not happening somewhere else.

It’s happening right here.

Right on your block, in your kids’ school.

Anti-bullying policies in schools have the same effect, as say,

Just Say No did, in the 80s.

Absolutely nothing.  Zero.  No impact.

They are bullshit.

Because honestly, if your kid is being bullied,

and you complain about it,

the administration will give lip service to the fact

that we don’t tolerate that around here.

And, you come to me if it happens again.

And the kid can’t,

and won’t…

because it will only make it worse.

And the parent goes home and thinks,


the school will take care of it.

And they won’t.

Because they can’t.

But there is one thing you can do.

What is it you ask?

Shame on you.

You should know that answer.

Update:  It’s still happening

Brandon Bitner Liverpool, PA (November 2011)

5 thoughts on “Breaking My Heart

  1. There have been some very strong law suits out there holding schools liable for failing to address bullying. Sadly, these only arise after something tragic has happened to a child. We just don’t do enough about this.

  2. Just a note that I am linking to this particular post due to its anti-bullying message.

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