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Looks like I can stop avoiding Valentine’s Day. 

In 2007, my world was all shook up, and my marriage ended, three days before my 48th birthday.

On Feb 14, 2008 on this blog, I wrote about The Hat

2009 and 2010, there were no Valentine’s Day Posts.

I simply did not have a Valentine.  Not that I didn’t want one.  Everyone wants to feel loved and cared for, and yes, it was great getting my Dad’s Valentine card  like I have gotten every year since I was born… and because I knew I could count on that card, each Valentine Day had some type of promise in it…but…  I had no one to love, and no one was on the horizon.

Then I met Harley Guy who swept me off my feet.  He tells me he loves me, that he won’t cheat, and because I’m hardwired now for a man to lie to me, he knows that I don’t believe him.  Not all the way.  Like, I keep looking under this or that bush, wondering when the truth about him will surface.  Because, there’s gotta be something.  And it turns out, that I just have to trust in God and have faith that he is honest and good.

I used to be freaked out that I fell in love with him so fast.  I was engaged within 2 weeks with my first husband, but was engaged in a year and a half with the 2nd one…I’ve fallen fast, and I’ve fallen slow.  So, there’s really no “Look, she does that all the time” point to make here.

With Harley Guy, I get to rub out the record.  Each time I’m with him, I get to be new and fresh and feel like a young girl…when you have a catch in your breath, and your heart skips a beat when you see him walking down the street.

Yesterday, we met in the town where we fell in love.  Halfway between both of our homes.  Today, I received the best gift ever. 

This great experience that released me from the bondage of hatred and replaced it with love is really just another affirmation of the truth I know: I get everything I need in Alcoholics Anonymous-everything I need I get–and when I get what I need I invariably find that it was just what I wanted all the time. . [Big Book, page 552] 

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Redux

  1. Yay for you! So happy for you! I don’t have a valentine yet, but one day perhaps! 2007 a week before my Birthday is when my marriage ended (also February).

  2. Nothing better than an opportunity to let someone know how much you love them. Glad it was a great Valentines Day!

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