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Nail Polish, Dogs, Food, Teaching.  Where do you go for the best blogs on the web? 

Every day I log into Google Reader to read any updates on 60 of my favorite blogs.  Lucky for me, not everyone blogs every day, but I thought I’d share my ten current (non-running) favs.  Enjoy!

  1. If you want to be a hip mom, Geeky Gadgets is a must.  I am able to converse with my children on why Nintendo 3DS is both magic and tragic, and be one of the first to have Monopoly for Millionaires on Facebook.
  2. I’m a huge fan of Twitter, so the official Twitter blog is something I read regularly, with geeky stats that I crave, fed to me in little bits and pieces.  I love that Usher’s appearance in the Super Bowl sent Twitter into it’s second highest peak of the game!
  3. We know what Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness is.  He left the Dodgers.  Adore this blog and it’s daily watch to see if Ron Belisario has reported to Spring Training yet. (He hasn’t)
  4. I love Dogster: For the Love Of Dog Some days heartwarming, some days tragic, but if you have a dog, it’s a must have blog.  From dog obesity, to separation anxiety in dogs, to the crazy primping at Westminster, this blog continues to inform and entertain.
  5. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the Fresno Bee has it’s own photography website!  Bee There is a collection of all the cool shots captured by Bee photographers.  Finally, The Sun was one of my favorites, because I was sent that picture the exact same day by someone who snapped it on his phone (you know who you are!)
  6. I love to get my nails painted.   Though marathon training has temporarily sidelined my girly girl pursuits, I still crack up at the Stupid Nail Polish Names blog.  Yes, Bitches Brew, Deer Valley Spice, and Lemonade Stand by Your Man are all real nail polish names.  And yes, they are stupid.  Don’t judge.
  7. I’ve always loved the sea.  Not the beach, where you sunbathe, but the sea.  The stuff in the sea.  The Scuttlefish is my daily fix of The Bamboo Island, Sea Monster Monday, and dreams of exploration in the water.   Water Wench Wednesday, is beautiful, but be careful.  It’s NSFW (Not Safe For Work).
  8. I used to cook in my previous life.  I once stood stirring risotto non-stop for 45 minutes.  Now I just gaze at these three food blogs.  My number one fav is Lemon Tart Diary followed by The Onyx Plate and Holy Poached Eggs!
  9. “Put enough ketchup on it and a kid will eat almost anything.” Metro Dad is one of my favorite parenting blogs, which sometimes doesn’t talk about parenting at all.  But this, and other single parenting sites have pretty much made me howl with laughter or sigh with regret since I became one.  Singlemommyhood kept me informed and enlightened and up late commenting these last 4 years.
  10. Lastly, Mr. Teachbad’s Blog Of Teacher Disgruntlement has me nodding in agreement, shrieking with laughter, and wishing for the olden golden days of teaching.  The Essence of a Teacher, and How To Kill It, Dawn of The Dumbest Data and The Principal’s Training Summit Video posts are spot on.  It’s a wonderful thing.

One thought on “Speedlinking: Ms. V’s Top Ten Blogs 2011

  1. Yay for wonderful blogs, including yours. Some of my favorite blogs are not running related, but still funny and topical.

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