Who writes a race report for a one mile race?
Especially when there are only 40 people entered in the race?

It has been three weeks since the LA Marathon.
Kim and ran once, and it was good, fine.

And then we just stopped. 5am texts went like this:

Kim: I’m still in bed, you?

Me: Yeah, it’s too cold.

Kim: I’m with you sister.

Me:  Yeah.  Thursday.  Let’s go Thursday.

Kim: Of course!

Repeat on Thursday, and next Saturday.  You get the picture.

So, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to run a mile today.  Harley Guy woke me up like he did for the LA Marathon, made me a peanut butter and honey sandwich and a coffee.  I didn’t want to eat.  It was a MILE!  (He’s the best race support in the world!) We got to north Fresno, and I took a little run to the McDonald’s for the bathroom.  As I was running back, he drove to get me.  That’s love, people.  I was not late, but he was worried.  Warmed my heart.

I ran this mile with 40 people.  I knew I was the only one in my age group.  I knew I would win.  But, unlike other small fields, I really wanted a fast mile.  I had been doing mile repeats at 9:30ish during marathon training, but since I hadn’t run, I was worried.

Pinnacles is a small company trying to gain a foothold in the race community.  The owner yells through the megaphone GO…and we all take off.  Two loops around a business park block.  I just wanted to run.   I started sprinting because Harley Guy was watching and I wanted him to be proud.

I sprinted about a quarter mile.  Winded.

Settled down.

Came around at half mile 4:08.  I blinked, because I couldn’t believe I was there.

At the end, I just had two guys in my sight, and wanted to pass SOMEBODY.  Passed them (they were older than me), and turned the corner to see the timer at 8:50.  As you can see, I did this in 8:57.  My boyfriend got the proof on the picture.

I won $30.  I got my picture taken.  We went to breakfast later.  It was $24.40.  With tip: $30.  Perfect Karma.

Great race, tons of fun, and most of all, Kim and I will be doing our 2011 race calendar this week.  Time to pick a Fall Marathon!

5 thoughts on “Pinnacles Road Mile Fresno Race Report

  1. I guess that makes you a professional runner now. Congrats! Sub 9:00? I’m impressed!

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