• Think about running
  • Go to the gym.  I did this.
  • Not creep up on other people’s Facebook & Twitter pages
  • Read a book
  • Take a nap.  Harley Guy and I did this.  It was cool.
  • Play backgammon.  Sadly, he’s only one won game.
  • Write.  I’m writing in my journal, though I have nothing to say right now.
  • Cook.  Made a crock-pot full of chili.  Where has my crock-pot been?  Sadly stowed away until I could focus on it.
  • Think about reading and sorting my old cook books.
  • Watch re-runs of Rescue Me.  Yeah.  I have all these sets of shows, but don’t watch them.
  • Say hello to people I love on IM.  Send emails.  Write letters.
  • Actually post on my girlfriends’ private blogs. We have been going for 8 years now.  I am a skimmer, and now I’m actually reading them.  I’ve been a terribly bloggy friend.
  • Get Amtrak tickets to see Harley Guy.  Search website…you know, deals, points, all that jazz that I never see.
  • Read old running blogs.
  • Comment on old running blogs.
  • Think about a fall marathon.  Think some more…
  • Give blood.
  • Pray
It’s been 3 days.  God help me with this Facebook Cleanse.  

2 thoughts on “Things To Do When You’re Not Doing The Internet

  1. You… gave… up… facebook? lol just kidding. Facebook cleanse? Interesting thought. I’ve actually enjoyed spending more time on blogs learning photography and getting OUT with my camera. Now I need to get OUT with my running shoes. Hope you found a good amtrack deal!

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