I’m a 4x marathoner, having done LA twice, MCM and NIKE Women’s Marathons. I ended my last marathon with my very famous, and same-exact-wording that I use every time. “I will never do this again.” I even said the very same thing to Glenn around mile 16 DURING the LA Monsoon Marathon. I looked at him, and told him no more. Ever.

And then I’ve spent the last month in some DEEP recovery, which means eat and sleep and eat and not run. The total for April so far is something like 9.5 miles.

I started to think about running another marathon this week. I’ve given up Twitter (permanently) and Facebook (temporarily). So maybe I was bored, and maybe I was feeling edgy. But, I know one thing. I was wondering why I should even run at all, if I don’t have a race scheduled. I know that’s not how you’re supposed to look at it, but I do. I’ve had a major shift in my life in the last month due to some amazing women friends, and am finally REALLY learning how to be a woman of substance…something I haven’t done. Maybe never. But, that’s a different post. Maybe a whole other website/blog.

So, I’m sitting around on the marathon guide website. I’m under a few more constraints lately. Most of you know I’m out of a job, so out of town marathons are not so smart. I can’t afford a coach this time around, and I don’t want to travel. It takes near $80 to fill up my gas tank. So, now take away my social media hits and all that support, and why do I really run? If it’s only to get strokes from internet bloggy and SM friends, is that sufficient?

I can’t do CIM in December because our relay team loves that one, and it’s a now annual fun race to do in the fall, and not so stressful near Christmas because it’s only 7 miles and change. Can’t do an early October race, because I’m signed up for the Nike Women’s Marathon Half Marathon. This leaves me with November or September, at the earliest. I didn’t want to pick Fresno Eye-Q Marathon, because I’ve done that half. And, if Kim joins me, she won’t want to do Fresno AGAIN…Not so exciting. Drumroll please…I’ve selected the NorCal Marathon in San Jose, it’s inaugural race in September.

Why do I want to run another marathon? Because I’m 52 years old. Truth. That seems to be the only reason that rises to the top again and again. Do I love the marathon? I do. Is it a bummer that I can’t get under a 6 hour marathon? It is. Will I ever get to Boston and qualify as a 60 year old? Probably not…And, given all that, the fact that I may not do better or faster…the only reason I can really think of to run another is because someday I will be sitting around in some old folks home and wishing…wishing that I could feel the exhiliration of crossing a finish line just one. more. time…

So, I want to acknowledge that the clock is indeed ticking. I love how I feel when I run. I love how I feel when I am in deep psychic and physical pain from the marathon training and race day. I love the feeling of watching my body do things I never thought it could. I love sharing the joy of running~heart beating, sweat dripping,. legs and feet aching, out of breath working that my body does.

And so…because I can…

Here’s to spring and summer training, and to toe the line just one more time…

8 thoughts on “Only One Reason To Run Another Marathon…

  1. I can hardly imagine how many runners have said “Never again,” only to end up at that start line one more time. Having just looked at the Hanson SOS training plan, after vowing I would never run another marathon, I have a feeling I will be doing it again myself. Thank you for summing up the crazy rationale so beautifully.

  2. Sue, Hit me up on gmail, or Facebook when I come back. Maybe we can share training stories! I am also planning a Hanson SOS plan again. I have been researching for days, and it was the best I felt the whole 4 marathons.

  3. I’m struggling right now with whether I want to do a marathon this fall. I didn’t last year because of injury. I really like halves a lot.

  4. I love your attitude. I want to do marathons until I no longer can anymore…and I’m hoping that will be well into my 80s and 90s and however long it is that I live. Definitely seize the opportunity to continue to run!

    And I LOVE your LA marathon story!

  5. Now that you’ve done a few, you have training plans right? Do yourself a favor and put it in an excel spreadsheet. Then you can always refer back to it. I would send you mine, but I don’t have a Hanson plan in it….

  6. you are awesome. that is all. seriously, when you can travel register for beach 2 beacon in maine in august! you can meet joanie…its her race!! xoxo.

  7. Very inspirational and so true — I train to race and I race to train. If I don’t have a half or full marathon on the horizon as a rabbit to chase, it makes lacing up a little more difficult. But even when I don’t, or when that goal is 4, 5 months down the line, I do look around and realize that not everyone is as fortunate as I am to be able to run freely. It’s a great feeling that many people take for granted. Best of luck with your 2011 race schedule!

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