I ran a 5K this morning.  Not a race.  An amount.  3.1 miles.  I had a week off after the blood donation, so my goal this morning was not to stop.  And, I didn’t.  It was slow as hell, but I did it.  Throughout my run, I thought, “So who will I share this with?”  I thought of the many cute tweets I could have posted, or links to my workout, and then I thought, well.  I have no one.  No one  but me. Even my running partner and I are out of sync.  So, this post is for self motivation.  Feel free to add to it.

Motivation Tips.

  1. Consequences:  You are much closer to 200 pounds than you thought you would EVER be in a million years after your 4th marathon.
  2. Pleasure:  The feeling of my skin and blood buzzing.  This is good.
  3. Performance:  A 36:00 5k is shit.  Deal with it.
  4. Detailed instructions:  Time to get a real plan together on my own.   I have no daddy to write it for me.  Time to man up.
  5. Short & Long Term Goals:  Short term:  To run 5 miles on Friday.  Long Term:  To complete my 5th marathon in the fall.  Get a grip.
  6. Kindness:  Smile at other runners.  Wave at drivers.  Do NOT yell cuss words at people who drive into the intersection as you are running through it.
  7. Deadlines:  I start in May if I want a September marathon.  Deadline #1:  The Udder Run in June.  Toe that line.
  8. Team Spirit:  Okay, I have no Twitter or Facebook.  I have a running partner who is getting better, while I’m getting slower.  Could I actually join yet ANOTHER social network of runners?  It makes me tired just thinking about it.
  9. Recognize Achievement:  Okay, I ran 5k today.  I didn’t stop.  There ya go.
  10. Personal Stake:  See #1.  If the only reason to run is so I don’t balloon up again, that’s enough.
  11. Concentrate on outcomes:  Toeing the line.  Crossing the finish line.
  12. Trust & Respect:  Trust that I can do this.  Respect that I’m closer to menopause than I’d like, and respect that my body can and will do this.
  13. Creative challenges:  So, I can’t run a race right now.  Out of cash.  How about running to a McDonald’s for a coffee drink, instead of Starbucks.  How about put a dollar in a jar every day that I run.  Money.  It’s a theme.  Have you noticed?
  14. Constructive Criticism:  Instead of being depressed that I’m fat and old, how about reshaping my training?  How about removing the cookies?  How about THAT?
  15. Demand Improvement:  I ran a 12 minute mile today.  Maybe on Friday, it will be 11:45.  And so on.  I canNOT rest until I improve.
  16. Make it fun:  Better and different music.  Go to the gym and lift weights on alternate days.  Bike tires just got fixed.  Go for a ride.
  17. Create opportunities:  Find other moms who want to run.  Create Run Buddies for your son and others like him.  Help in other areas of the community.
  18. Communication:  At the very least, keep blogging.
  19. Make it stimulating:  Pick new routes.  Drive somewhere out of town and run.  Volunteer at a race.
  20. Stop whining:  You’ve had a month without a marathon.  Deal with it.  Either shut up or lace up.  You pick.
  21. And finally:
    My fingers are alive with ideas as I’m writing this.  Maybe this is the post that will get me unstuck.  Or maybe I’ll have another piece of chocolate.  In any event, staying still is not an option.
    Time to fly.

4 thoughts on “Kicking my own ass.

  1. I’m going to get a little tough on you at this point. You’ve been running for a few years now right? You are now a real runner. It’s time to get that in your mind. You don’t need another social network to keep you motivated. You don’t need a coach to keep you motivated. Time to take out your last training plan, get it organized, and then remember why *you* are running. Not for me. Not for them. But for *you*. Then, just go out and do it. Not for me. Not for them. For you. It will make your accomplishments that much sweeter in the end….

  2. Glenn you are so right. When I was running yesterday I thought the very thing. I tried another message board yesterday and was bored out of my mind. I can motivate myself. I run for me !!! 🙂

    Oh, and can you pace me again? You’re awesome!

  3. I miss you Linda and I lurk on your blog from time to time. I hate to see you going through this but you are truly an inspiration to me, as a runner, as a friend, but also as a woman. I don’t really think you know how many lives you’ve touched simply through social media. My life has been enriched by knowing you. Now its time you do things for yourself.

  4. I’ll join your network Linda! I am starting SO over I’m back at Week 1, Couch to 5K.

    I am also borrowing a page from your ‘book’, you have inspired me to do a 30 day Facebook Fast. starting Sunday May 1st. What will I do with all this free time?

    Run, of course.
    I have no doubt you are going to find your way to something exciting and successful – I can’t wait to see your ‘ideas’ come to life!

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