NorCal Marathon here I come.  September 18.  Training starts June 1.  Flat, and through San Jose.  It’s a first time mary, so it will have its kinks.  No worries.  No Social Network to get me moving.  This one’s all me. 

Training Plan:  Hanson Plan

Weeks in Plan:  18

I ran another 5K this morning, this time 1:30 minutes faster.  I need some time to build my base.  I’m shooting for all 4 milers next week, and dropping the poundage that has crept up on me.  (I’m not training, yet I’m eating like I’m training)

Join me on marathon #5!!

To all my friends and family:  Sorry in advance for my non-stop talk about running.  Bear with me. 

Factors in picking my next marathon

  1. Expense:  I had to local.  I had to stay NORCAL. $80 is just right.
  2. Time:  I need time to recover so I can come back to LA strong in March.
  3. Getting back on the horse:  Filling out an entry blank.  Just do it.
  4. Travel:  No travel, no stress.  San Jose is about 1.5 hours away.
  5. Summer Training:  Keep busy-No job prospect gives me too much time to think.
  6. Size:  I’m anticipating a small field.  Training will be solo.  Racing will be solo.
  7. NIKE:  Didn’t get in to NIKE.  If I want to run, I’ll be fundraising with TNT
  8. Free Training: I like the Hanson plan, but the word Free means something too.
  9. BQ: It’s a first run marathon, but it’s getting certified.  This is good.
  10. Lots of time to build my base:  1 month.


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