Cinderella is a feeling.  All little girls remember watching Cinderella when they were little.  I remember the first time I felt that feeling of awe.  When Prince Charming finally found her and put her slipper on her shoe.  I remember the FEELING of excitement, awe…of, “could this really happen to me?”

I watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge) over the weekend with Harley Guy.  I knew this would be a hot topic button between us, but it wasn’t by coincidence that I DVR’d it. 

For years I’ve been saying NEVER AGAIN.  I run to Fleetwood Mac’s “Never Goin’ Back Again”.  I eschew marriage and all it’s stupid formalities.  Even as I write this, I can remember feeling the disgust about my own marriages and the pain that all parties endured.  That when the FIRST TIME the vows were broken, how it was so much easier to break them again and again.  I became cynical and bitter on the topic.  I went to weddings with hope, only to come away with true gratitude that I would NEVER do THAT again.

So, then.  I fell in love five months ago.  Hard and fast. 

My first husband I knew 2 weeks, and we were engaged.  My second husband I knew 1.5 years and we were engaged.  I don’t have a pattern here.

Yet, falling in love was so unexpected that it knocked me over.  I learned how, awkwardly mostly, and with stepping on toes, how to have only one man in my life.  That’s the model I was raised with, and what I truly want. 

Falling in love was not in my plan.  Not in the cards.  Not wanted.  It was much like the original Cinderella in 1st century BC, where the eagle snatched the beautiful woman’s shoe, and dropped it on the King’s head.  Something like that.  And, he searched high and low for her. 

Falling in love was like something that fell from the sky.  And as I watched Kate Middleton, I realized that even though she is the most magnificent beauty, young and vital and with her life stretched out before her, that even with the tiara and the slippers and the gown and the handsome prince…even with all that, what comes through is the feeling.  That Cinderella felt like she was the most beautiful woman because she was loved by a wonderful man.   That even with billions of eyes watching the wedding, what came through was that Kate had eyes only for William.  That even with 72 cameras in Westminster Abbey, they shared the fairy tale privately and personally.

That even when a slipper falls out of the air, one must go find the girl who owns it.  To see if the fit is good and true.  To watch the carriage turn into a pumpkin, and to still feel the joy of love.  That is the Cinderella task.  For all of us.

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