100% of my Sophomores passed the CAHSEE test today.  Too bad he let me go.  There’s a longer blog post coming, but I’m pretty sure I should not do that until the last day of school.

What do you think about a CA teacher being let go with such a huge success rate?  Hmmm?

On that first day of school last August, when it was announced that she was no longer my peer, but my boss?  I knew.  My days were numbered.  She became a Vice Principal, X,  with a cause.  She does all the grunt work, so my boss lets her.  She’s on top of that.  So he likes it.  But, in the process, he handed her his balls.

I caught her in some lies.  I caught her quoting my favorite Taylor Mali Poem (What do Teachers Make), and she denied she had ever heard it.  She would not help me when I needed disciplinary assistance.  She told me when I said a student of mine was being bullied, “Well, she hasn’t been honest about her MySpace”.  As if that mattered.  She allowed the bullies to stay at school, while the victim eventually had to leave for a different campus (Happens a lot).   I took her to the union only after 99% certaintly I was being non-reelected.

So now.  100% of my students pass the CAHSEE.  And, because she had an axe to grind, I no longer have a job.  And he let her get away with that.  When he sent out the scores, I sent him back an email saying,  “100% passing.  Too bad you let X win.”  He had promised me a letter of recommendation.  I asked him for it three times.  He never gave it to me, and I’m done asking.  So, it was with certainly that I sent the email, knowing that I had nothing to lose.  I had offered him a conversation whereby he and I could leave our professional relationship without resentment or rancor.  He declined.  So.  I had nothing to lose.

I don’t play nice in the sandbox.  If you lie, I will call you on it.  If you don’t protect a student, I will fight you to the end …it’s not the first time I’ve had to do that, and it won’t be my last…I prefer my integrity to my job, even if that characteristic will not pay the bills. If you say you will help me, but you don’t…I will call you on it.  And I will make you prove to me otherwise.

I’m difficult.  I admit it.  And, I am exactly the teacher I want to be.  High standards. Great demands on students.  And if I have to become a waitress, I will expect the very same thing of myself there.

It’s good to be me.


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