Long time readers know I periodically get sidetracked with good music to play at my funeral.  I know I definitely want Rubberband Man, so my friend Ron can cartwheel down the aisle.  But, I digress.

This song came on today at mile TWO.  Mile 2, and I was dying.  And I thought, well, if I die right HERE, this song will be playing, and surely someone will think: how poetic.  Perfect song to die to.  I’ve long tagged Spirit in the Sky to be playing as my casket is carried out.  Or my ashes.  Or whatever.  I’ve been accused of being a Drama Queen.  Deal with it.

But, when the song comes on when you’re running?  Scary.  Especially because today was the first time I tried to do five miles since the LA Marathon.  Kim and I broke up weeks before…and we start together, but she is faster now, and with my age…I seem to be slowing down.  A lot. 

We started on our familiar death walk trek to our start, a half mile away.  We started talking about how there is no coaching, no social media, nothing on this new training to keep us motivated.  I had a headache.  I started to worry again:  could I just RUN?  I mean really just run and keep my times and motivate myself. (I’ve been talking about this for weeks)…

Mile 1 was around a 10:32 pace, but it got much uglier.  By Mile 2 through Spring Creek, I wanted to DIE.  I mean it.  I was tired, and with the pounds I added post marathon, I felt like those Biggest Loser contestants carrying their weight in backpacks.  I saw my reflection and the spare tire, and thought.  Oh no.  No you didn’t.

And then the song comes on, and Kim darts off in a different direction…and I just kept plodding along.  Over to Vermeulen Park for mile 3, water stop…and just decided NOT to die.  Not to stop.  And there she came, back again, catching me.  I said “Let’s Stop!”  She just smiled, shook her head no, and kept running.  And I decided to go as much as I could, as LONG as I could.

So, base building is almost over.  I’ve selected the NORCAL Marathon for my Fall Marathon.  Next week, I start training.  But today.  Today, I didi 5 miles in 59:17.  Sorta like almost 12:00 minute miles.  Close.

If I die while Norman plays his Spirit In The Sky Song?  Eh, that stuff never happens.  But, if it does?  Know I was doing something I loved 🙂 It would make a good movie, anyway. 

Just do it. Even if you’re slow

One thought on “A Song Worth Dying For.

  1. I should start training next week too. I probably shouldn’t have registered for SF. I didn’t count the weeks in between the marathon and SF. Oh well.

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